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Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone Trying to Move Forward with Marcell Dareus Situation

July 25th, 2014 at 7:55 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Marcell Dareus has had a tough offseason that has been widely documented, but he and head coach Doug Marrone are hoping to put that all behind them and focus on football.

Marrone told the Buffalo media today that he's happy to have Dareus back, and that they are just trying to move forward from his situation.

"I take it day by day. I take it day by day," Marrone said. "Every day we get here, just like with a lot of the players, just take it day by day and just try to focus on football and get better as a team. You go to sleep at night and you wake up the next day and you go about it again."

For Dareus, the troubles began toward the end of last season, when he was benched in multiple games for being late to meetings. Marrone was trying to instill accountability in his defensive lineman, but that lesson apparently did not sink in as he was in trouble with the law multiple time this offseason. Still, with those distractions, Marrone doesn't expect Dareus to have an issue learning the new defensive scheme.

"It’s pretty easy when you’re a defensive lineman," Marrone said. "I always said I wanted to be like a D-Line coach. Right, right, right and you line up in a three-technique to the right and left, left, left you line up in 2i to the left. I think we’re okay there, from that standpoint and we’ll just bring him back and just watch him as he comes back. It’s like we would do with any player. It doesn’t matter who it is."

As training camp continues, Marrone will likely have to answer more questions about Dareus. He has become a distraction to a team that believes they are on the verge of rising from the basement. If Dareus hopes to continue his career, in Buffalo anyway, he will need to start making smarter decisions off the field, while making an impact on the field. 

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