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Buffalo Bills Could Siginificantly Boost Offense with Andre Johnson Trade

July 10th, 2014 at 3:40 PM
By Mike Matisz has reported that there are four teams that are interested in acquiring disgruntled Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. While the four teams that have shown interest have not been named, it may be smart for the Buffalo Bills to make a drastic move to give EJ Manuel every chance to prove himself.

The battle between Johnson and the Texans stems from the team dismantling their offense at the quarterback position, and then refusing to pay Johnson a $1 million workout bonus after Johnson missed a few sessions but vowed to make it up by working out more. 

After the departure of Matt Schaub, the team's starting quarterback in 2013, the Texans have moved on and have since signed former Bills starter Ryan Fitzpatrick and named him the starter. 

Since the shake-up, Johnson had vowed to come back to the team, but after the $1 million feud, Johnson has changed his tune.

The price tag for Johnson will undoubtedly be high, and with a $10 million cap hit this season, chances are a team will need to move some pieces around to fit him in, that includes Buffalo.

The Bills rank 19th in the league in cap space at just under $7.5 million. Bringing in Johnson would certainly take the team over the cap limit, but there could be ways to lessen the gap come cut time in the preseason. 

The Bills currently have an up-and-coming receiving corps with young stars such as Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin and Sammy Watkins. 

Adding Johnson to the fold would give the Bills a solid four receivers with Mike Williams still in the fold. 

Pulling the trigger on this trade may also make up for a lack of a first round pick in next year's draft, provided that the new receiving corps pays off for EJ Manuel. 

This upcoming season was slated to be the year that Manuel was surrounded by talent to make sure that he is the quarterback of the future. CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Scott Chandler and the receivers would all provide quality targets for the young quarterback.

There are no signs of a definite trade in Houston. Perhaps the team will work out its differences with one of its top offensive threats going forward. Or perhaps a team will offer them a trade they cannot refuse. 

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