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Donte Whitner Bashes Buffalo Bills, Suggests Move to Toronto

July 5th, 2014 at 12:20 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Donte Whitner spent his days in Buffalo getting burned by any receiver with any kind of speed, and is now trying to burn Bills fans with talk of the team moving.

Whitner took to Twitter recently, suggesting the Bills will move to Toronto, and also called out Buffalo's rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins. 

Whitner is known for his trash talking and hard hitting, when the ball carrier is in front of him. Still, there's a reason why both Buffalo and San Francisco let him walk and why he is in Cleveland. His coverage is about as weak as his suggestion that Buffalo is moving. He can't keep up with most receivers, and Watkins will likely burn him when Buffalo plays host to Cleveland in November. And as for Buffalo moving to Toronto, it is highly unlikely that the Wilson family will allow that.

Still, Whitner's words have hit a nerve with the Buffalo faithful. Former Bills linebacker Darryl Talley lashed out at Whitner on Twitter, threatening to grab him by the throat. Whitner offered to meet Talley in Orlando so the two could resolve their altercation physically. Of course, those are just more tough words from a guy of little action.

Whitner is more of a clown than he is a ball player. His idea to copy Chad Johnson and change his name to Donte Hitner only magnifies his foolishness. He may be trying to light a fire under a struggling organization like Cleveland, but his big words will mean little when his actions don't back them up. 

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