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Sammy Watkins Fitting in with Buffalo Bills, Expects Team to Be on the Rise

June 24th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

When the Buffalo Bills traded up in the NFL Draft to select Sammy Watkins, the management of the organization made it clear that they wanted to win, and win now.

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Watkins has completed his first minicamp with the team, and is enjoying the next few weeks off before training camp begins. Still, with the limited time he's spent with the Bills, Watkins says he's already fitting in with the team.

"I fit in great," Watkins said during a media session at a ProCamps event he hosted at West Seneca West High School. "It's a great organization. I came into a good situation. We've got a quarterback, wide receivers, running backs. All I've got to do is be Sammy Watkins, and that's play the game, listening to the coaches and go out hard every practice and just work hard."

Watkins has handled himself like a veteran since draft day. He has emphasized the importance of hard work since his first press conference, which is something the Buffalo fan base can appreciate. 

"In this league, you have to work on everything, every day," Watkins said. "You can't think that you're perfect. You've always got to critique yourself through every motion that you run, every route, every turn, block, everything. It's so detailed that you've got a lot of stuff to work on."

While Watkins focuses on preparing for his rookie season, the leaders on the team have given him an example to follow. The Bills are coming into a season where, if not nationally, they are locally expected to make a run at the playoffs and build off of last season. Watkins says that he appreciates the example that is being set by the leaders of the team, and that he will continue to learn from them.

"We've got great guys that are on the team," Watkins said. "You've got guys that help out the younger guys. Guys that look out for everybody. You don't have too much clowning around, even though we have fun. But you've got the guys that you sense team leadership and I feel like everybody has been accountable. Such as Mario Williams, you've got CJ Spiller and those guys making $30 million that are at practice every day, that are helping us every day, that are preparing us for the game."

As every Bills fan is well aware, Buffalo has not been to the playoffs since 1999 and currently holds the longest active playoff drought in the league. The Bills are expecting Watkins to be a key player in ending that drought, and he believes the team is capable of achieving greatness that resembles the teams of the early '90s.

"Back to the great organization that they were years ago," Watkins said when asked where he sees the team headed in the future. "I think it just starts with the coaches and the players. I think if we get everything right with the players, we start buying into what the coaches are preaching, the team will be alright. First we've got to start by getting into the playoffs. This team is capable of doing that. We've just got to be smart and play our game and be the Buffalo Bills."

While Watkins is entering just his first NFL season, Bills fans have been starved and suffering for a winner for quite some time. He needs to be the impact player that helps bring the team from a laughing stock, to a contender, and he knows that. 

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