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Latest Marcell Dareus Incident is Proof That His Maturity is Lacking

June 4th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Last week, Marcell Dareus told reporters that he was hoping for a fresh start to this season after being benched at the end of last season for tardiness to meetings and getting arrested on a possession charge.

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He followed that statement with yet another arrest this weekend, proving that his maturity level is not where it needs to be.

Dareus was arrested and charged with multiple charges, with reckless endangerment being one of the more serious of the bunch. He was reportedly drag racing and left the scene of an accident that caused property damage. 

Dareus is sliding down a slippery slope, as his continuous involvement in negative headlines will not only hurt his image and value as a player, but it will certainly cause a distraction for his teammates. Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone says that he will continue to support Dareus, however. 


“Obviously, we all know and are well aware that Marcell has made some poor decisions lately and the one thing is that I’ve been working with him and he’s dealing with a lot of personal issues too,” Marrone told “I spoke with him at length and we spent a lot of time together talking about a lot of things. As of now, he’s not going to be attending the OTA’s, but he’ll be attending the mandatory minicamp when we come back. I just want to make sure that I’m clear that everyone understands that I believe in Marcell and I will do everything I can to make sure that we can get him on the right track. Really that’s the situation. There are a lot of things going on, a lot of personal talk and that’s really all I’m going to comment on. The conversations we had are between us and we’re working this thing. I’m disappointed in all of our players anytime anyone of us, including myself, when we make poor decisions. It’s a reflection of the team, which is a reflection of me and it’s a reflection on this organization.”

Dareus may be going through some personal issues that are clouding his judgment, but he's still a professional in the NFL and an adult. Personal issues are not an excuse for drag racing and using synthetic drugs. 

It helps Dareus that Marrone is supporting him publicly while he confronts whatever issues he is dealing with. Hopefully for him and Bills fans he is able to get back on track. Dareus is entering his fourth season and is coming off a season where he registered 7.5 sacks and 71 tackles, both of which are career highs. If he can get his off-field issues under control, he could certainly become a dominant part of what will appear to be a very tough defense. 

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