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Buffalo Bills’ Marcell Dareus Hopes for Fresh Start After Offseason Trouble

May 30th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Marcell Dareus has had his set of troubles the last few months, but he hopes to put it all behind him and have a productive season.

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Dareus was disciplined twice at the end of last season for being late to meetings, and was arrested this offseason on synthetic drug charges. Dareus says that he hopes to move on from those setbacks and just play football.

“It’s a legal issue. It’s not really something I’m going to talk about,” Dareus told “I’m here to just do what I do, which is have fun, play ball, stay focused and try to get better and that’s going to take care of itself. We handle it and do the best we can with it… I feel like I’m on the straight and narrow. I’m doing what I have to do. It’s just… things happen, young, dumb. I’ve just got to correct it and work forward.”

Dareus' situation has been interesting, as he is part of Buffalo's dominant defensive front-four. Still, head coach Doug Marrone sent a message to Dareus last season when he was late to those meetings, and Dareus says he sat down with Buffalo's management team after his arrest to discuss the plan to move forward.

“They really put a lot of emphasis on (maturity),” he told “We sat and talked as a group. They believe in me. They know that I’m not a troubled guy. They know that I’m not the person who is trying to look for trouble or do anything wrong. Things happen and I’m moving forward and they know I’m going to grow into the guy they want me to be. And I’m going to put myself in positions to get better.”

Dareus knows he needs to grow up and start acting like the professional the Bills expect him to be. His latest issues are glaring signs of immaturity, and hopefully for Dareus and the Bills, he has addressed them. 

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