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Buffalo Bills Fans Should Be Cautious of Tom Golisano’s Interest in Purchase of Team

May 23rd, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Tom Golisano is certainly a hero in the world on Western New York sports.

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He saved the Buffalo Sabres in their desperate time of need and solidified their place in Buffalo for years to come. However, his unwillingness to spend money on players while he was the owner of the team should have Bills fans worried that he is reportedly interested in buying the team.

The Bills currently hold the longest active playoff drought in the NFL. Their aggressiveness in the offseason is an indication that they are ready to end that drought this season, or they're at least serious about that goal. If Golisano becomes the owner of the Bills, his penny-pinching ways could easily halt the momentum that Doug Whaley and his management team has generated with their recent moves.

Golisano's interest may be pure in that he wants to ensure that the Bills stay in Buffalo, which is every fan's concern after Ralph Wilson Jr. passed away. Still, Bills fans are also tired of a mediocre product and are starving for a winner. Golisano will likely not bring that to the Bills. He was fortunate when he purchased the Sabres that players like Chris Drury, Danny Briere, Brian Campbell and Jason Pominville exceeded expectations. Unfortunately, that meant these players needed to get paid once their contracts expired. The result saw Drury, Briere and Campbell all leaving Buffalo, and the team has been on the decline ever since.

Golisano is a man of business, and he certainly would have second thoughts about paying a player like Mario Williams $100 million. The Bills have a young core of talent, that could become very expensive if they produce as expected. Unless the Bills completely over-achieve like the Seattle Seahawks did with their low payroll, Buffalo could lose the core of their players just as they are becoming contenders if Golisano is at the helm. 

Obviously, Bills fans would rather see Golisano buy the Bills than some jerk looking to move the team, and if he's the only option to keep the Bills in Buffalo, the community would gladly embrace him as the owner. Still, the product on the team could suffer, and that won't sit well with Bills fans. 

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