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Former Buffalo Bills Linebacker, Kirk Morrison, Pursuing Analyst Role as Post-NFL Career

March 7th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr


Kirk Morrison realized he had a passion for sports analysis during his playing career and has pursued that passion as a second career after eight seasons in the NFL.

Morrison has numerous analyst roles within the media, thanks in part to Centurion Strategies, and is excited to have an opportunity to pursue this passion.

 "I've been working with FOX and radio, broadcast, I do a little bit of everything," Morrison said. "For me, I've always had a passion with sports and I've always found a way to put myself in a situation where I was talking sports, writing about sports, or analyzing it."

Morrison says he wanted to stay connected to sports, because they are his passion. His eight seasons in the NFL allowed him to gain the knowledge to transition to his analyst career, which he says he always wanted to achieve.

"For me, I always wanted to be an analyst, a radio host, a radio broadcast host," Morrison said. "Centurion would find different radio times and shows for me to do and help me out. I literally started by doing radio call-ins during the playoffs toward the end of my career."

Morrison's peers would often commend him on his analytical perspective and their encouragement would serve as a force that helped drive him to the career he enjoys now.

"Guys would say, 'you know what, you should keep trying it. Keep doing this. You're pretty good at it,'" Morrison reflected. "I always wanted to do it, but I never thought about it until after playing. I kind of got more and more into it, and start paying my dues early on, and I
had my own radio show that started about four or five years ago. Ever since then, I've just been getting better and better at it."

Morrison's passion as an analyst is common among athletes. They have the knowledge and experience from playing a game they're passionate about, so it's a natural transition for them. Fans were able to enjoy the player perspective just this past season, when Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks had an emotional interview after making a play
that helped clinch his team's ticket to the Super Bowl. Morrison was also involved in the discussion.

"I think right now, he's fine," Morrison said of Sherman. "That outburst by Richard was more in the moment, in the game, he just knocked a pass away that took him to the Super Bowl. That could be one of the biggest plays in NFL history because it had that kind of
impact. If he doesn't make that play, it's a touchdown, and the 49ers win, they go to the Super Bowl."

Morrison would echo the sentiments that many other former players described after Sherman's interview and said that he understood his passion after making such a big play in a big moment for his franchise.

"For Richard Sherman, it's one of those cases where they got you right after the game," Morrison said. "I think if you would've waited 10 to 15 minutes, let him cool down in the locker room, it would've been a lot different."

Morrison also shared his analysis of the direction of the Buffalo Bills. Being a former linebacker for the Bills, Morrison acknowledged the team's need to start winning games, but also pointed out the challenges in accomplishing that goal when the team has to play
against Tom Brady twice every season.

"Buffalo is always going to be in the situation where, they just need to go out and win," Morrison said. "It might seem cliché, but the fans are always booming, the community is always there, and I think just 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, is just not enough. The Buffalo Bills need to go out there and get a winning record, make the playoffs and get people excited to be there. In the future for Buffalo Bills fans, you don't want to just tell them to be patient. They've got a lot of guys in Buffalo that want to change it around, but it takes time. It's hard to have Tom Brady in your division, but you've got to get it done."

Morrison says that he believes in head coach Doug Marrone and quarterback EJ Manuel, while citing health as a major factor for Buffalo's success.

"Doug Marrone did a good job last year getting a quarterback in there," Morrison said. "I think now if he can expand that roster and maybe just stay healthy, how about that? EJ Manuel, if he stays healthy, honestly it could be a good season for Buffalo. They just need to stay healthy. They got a little banged up last year."

Morrison will continue to enjoy his passion as an NFL analyst as he has for almost half of a decade already. His knowledge of the game allows him to provide insight, while his accentuation and ability to convey his message in a clean manner will allow him to continue to succeed in that role.


Photo Courtesy of Jay Lawrence Goldman

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