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Buffalo Bills Have a Plan If Mike Pettine Departs for Cleveland Browns

January 23rd, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Mike Pettine had his second interview with the Cleveland Browns for their head coaching vacancy, and fans of the Buffalo Bills are waiting on pins and needles to see if he will get the job.

'2012 Buffalo Bills Training Camp' photo (c) 2012, Doug Kerr - license:

Pettine has transformed Buffalo's defense after just one year of coaching for the Bills, breaking a franchise record with 57 sacks on the year with the unit finishing in the top 10 in the NFL

The Bills would be fortunate to keep Pettine on their coaching staff, but acknowledge that he is a viable candidate, and that they are ready to take action if he gets the position with the Browns.

“Right now, I think he’s having an interview as we speak. If he does get it, we will be happy for him, but we do have a plan in place. We just hope this resolution comes sooner rather than later," Doug Whaley told “Coach has identified a couple of guys and as soon as we hear one way or another, if it’s good news for Pettine, than we’ll just enact our plan that we have in place,”

Buffalo is about as anxious as Cleveland fans are for a decision, as the offseason looms. Many have reported that Pettine is a front-runner for the position. However, ESPN's Adam Schefter wasn't sold on that fact Wednesday.


“I’ll say this on the Cleveland Browns. Expect the unexpected,” Schefter said, reported by “The Mike Pettine situation is going on, they’ve interviewed him twice. If they wanted to hire him they could just go ahead and do that and maybe they still will. But me reading between the lines, they’re hopping around, they’re interviewing other candidates, they’re bouncing around the country. I think if Pettine were their guy it would just be over and done with. And the longer it goes on the less likely in my mind that Pettine becomes the guy."

While Schefter noted that Pettine is certainly being evaluated by Cleveland, he notes that their continuous interviewing of other candidates doesn't make him the lock for the job as many expect.


“I think he’s in play clearly. I think I would categorize him now as a fall back option. I think they’re looking at other things. They’re interviewing other candidates. They spoke to Dirk Koetter this morning. They’re continuing to reach out to people," Schefter said in the report. "But the one thing I will say is expect the unexpected. If you think it’s going to be Mike Pettine. If you think it’s going to be Dirk Koetter, get ready for that curve ball.”

Schefter tweeted later Wednesday, that Cleveland's search is down to two finalists, and that Pettine is a favorite for the position. Schefter also included in his tweet that the two finalists will meet with Cleveland's management team today, indicating a decision could come soon. 

One thing is for sure, the city of Buffalo will be locked in to the events as they unfold in Cleveland, no matter how long the Browns take to make their decision. 


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