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Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel Could Be a Clutch Performer

January 10th, 2014 at 12:55 PM
By Mike Matisz

When it comes to winning games in the NFL, it takes talent and clutch performances. Every quarterback who has ever played in the NFL has been charged with the task of coming back to win in the final moments of a game. For some quarterbacks, this skill eludes them and they aren't lucky enough to be labeled a clutch performer. For Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel, he may be on his way to earning that title. 

In the last four minutes of the first half, Manuel was 12-17 for 88 yards which is 70.5 percent accuracy. Manuel had 5.17 yards per attempt and two touchdowns(one rush) with no interceptions for a passer rating of 121.7.
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In the last four minutes of the second half, Manuel was 25-33 for 233 yards, which was 75.7 percent. He threw for 7.66 yards a pass, one touchdown, one interception and held a 92.1 passer rating. 
“What I liked about him is the games where we needed him most in crunch situations; he gave us a chance to win,” said general manager Doug Whaley. “That for me is a very high mark of a characteristic you look at for a quarterback. Things he needs to improve on will come with time, but I think he stood in front of all of that pressure and performed admirably.”
While Manuel's biggest problem is staying on the field, his statistics, at times, were encouraging. If the Bills offense can create more consistency with Manuel at the helm, his numbers could be on the rise yet. 
Manuel said that he was named the starter for the upcoming season by head coach Doug Marrone, which means another year of evaluation for the young quarterback.
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