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Buffalo Bills More Physical than Division Foe During Training Camp

August 1st, 2013 at 1:00 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

When the Buffalo Bills brought Mike Pettine from the New York Jets to coach their defense, it was clear they were trying to send a message that they meant business.

Apparently, the move has also taken intensity from the New York Jets and infused it into the Bills during training camp.

'2012 Buffalo Bills Training Camp' photo (c) 2012, Doug Kerr - license:

NFL Network analyst Heath Evans visited both training camps and told The John Murphy Show that Buffalo's camp is much more physical than the Jets'.

“The physical tempo was totally different here, you guys get the edge there,” Evans said on the radio show, reported by “The physical prowess of the team was totally different.”

The Bills are feeling the pressure of having a talented defense that severely underachieved last season. Buffalo was yet again gashed by the run, which is a direct result of not being physical enough. The Bills appear to have come into camp with that in mind.

“I didn’t hear any pads popping at all at the Jets camp,” Evans told John Murphy. “Here at Bills camp, I heard Coach Marrone yelling, ‘Stay off the ground, stay off the ground,’ because guys are getting too physical for the first day of pads. You’d much rather have your team too physical as opposed to too soft.”

The thought of a more physical team is enough to make any Bills fan salivate. The Bills have missed the playoffs in every season since 1999, but the new coaching regime has fans hopeful again, and if Buffalo can maintain the level of physicality that Evans witnessed, it may be enough for Buffalo to pound its way into the postseason. 

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