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Kevin Kolb Doesn’t Want to Be a Placeholder

July 6th, 2013 at 5:46 PM
By Samuel Gerould

Kevin Kolb doesn’t think he’s just a placeholder for the Buffalo Bills quarterback position.

Kolb, in a recent interview with, said he isn’t concerned EJ Manuel may be the long-term answer at quarterback and his stint in Buffalo could be brief.

"I don't buy what's being sold I guess," Kolb told the website. "I just listen to what (the coaches) tell me to do and roll on with it.”

Kolb and Manuel are competing for the starting quarterback spot. Some analysts believe the veteran Kolb should have the advantage in the competition, but stress the battle isn’t over.

“They are all definitely different,” said Kolb of quarterback competitions. “This one right now we’re all new to the system, so we’re trying to just pick it up from our own game standpoint. Just trying to pick it up mentally, trying to pick it up physically. Making sure we’re on our own P’s and Q’s and making sure our details are right.”

Regardless of the outcome, Kolb knows he has what it takes to be a starter.

 “I have a lot of confidence in my abilities,” he said, “and this offense and hopefully what I can do in it."


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