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Buffalo Bills Face an Uphill Battle Against Division Foes

June 19th, 2013 at 1:16 PM
By Mike Matisz

It's no secret that the Buffalo Bills have had their problems when playing against the AFC East. Wins against the Patriots are few, the Jets are able to win more than lose lately and the Dolphins give the Bills problems as well. 

The NFL hasn't made it any easier for the Bills this season, allowing opponents to get extra rest before playing Buffalo, including both Jets games and one Dolphins game. 

Having half of their games against rested opponents in division may be tougher for the Bills, especially when the teams have extra time to prepare for the new offensive and defensive schemes. 

For the Jets games, the Bills will face New York after they play a Thursday night game and then once after their bye week.

For Miami, one of their games allows them extra time to prepare as they will face the Buffalo Bills after their bye week. 

The Bills are used to having a game or two against rested foes, but this season allows for half of their division games to give the opponent extra time to prepare.

Since the AFC East champion gets an automatic bid to the playoffs, it appears that the NFL didn't do the Bills any favors this season as the team looks to start off on the right foot with new key players and coaches. 

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