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Stevie Johnson not Going to Let Injuries Slow Him Down

June 15th, 2013 at 11:22 PM
By Samuel Gerould

Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Stevie Johnson is suffering from a slight vertebrae fracture.

Johnson, while speaking with The Buffalo News, said he suffered the injury in March. He was filming a workout session for the Bills’ website.

"It got to the point where, 'It's got to be something more than a strain or something' because every time I sit down it's hurting," Johnson told the newspaper. "Every time I stand up it's hurting. I lay down, it's hurting. I went through rehab and it wasn't helping. "

“So I got the MRI, and it was a slight fracture.”

The injury problems continued for Johnson during the team’s voluntary workouts in April. He twisted his ankle after stepping on a cone.

“The back wasn’t cleared up yet. I was just dealing with it,” Johnson said. “Then I came back to see if I could get out there and wiggle with my back and ended up stepping on a cone.”

Despite the injuries, Johnson is aiming to help the Bills win this coming season.

“I try not to miss a game,” Johnson said. “You never know how long you’ll be here. But I love being out there, trying to make a difference.”

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