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Poor Offensive Line Performance Has Hindered Progress of Buffalo Bills

October 21st, 2014 at 5:00 PM
By Richard N. Wade II

Next to the play of the team's quarterback, the offensive line is the most important part of a football team. The offense can't score points if they don't have time to run routes and/or create schemes.

The Bills offensive line has been downright brutal the past two games. In the loss to New England in Week Six, Kyle Orton was sacked five times by the Patriots. Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings wasn't much better. Orton was pressured much of the game, resulting in six sacks by the Vikings. Bills head coach Doug Marrone, a former offensive lineman himself, had some rather interesting things to say about the play of his offensive lineman.

"It's the inconsistency that gets you upset," said Marrone. "Meaning that there are times out there where there's a great pocket and no one around him and there are times where there's not a great pocket around him."

Numerous injuries have been one of the main reasons inconsistency. Free Agent signee Chris Williams was expected to provide stability at the guard position. He started the first three games this season before succumbing to a back injury. He was placed on injured reserve after Week Three, ending his 2014 season. Rookies Seantrel Henderson and Cyril Richardson have both seen extensive playing time.

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FOX Sports Dubs Buffalo Bills 24th Best Looking Team in the NFL

October 21st, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Mike Matisz

The Buffalo Bills have a long history of wearing red, white and blue uniforms. The team's most recognizable helmet out of the past may be the white helmet with the red standing buffalo.

When the Bills were at the peak of their success in the 90s, the red helmets with a charging buffalo became the staple for the team.

Then in 2011 the team went back to a white helmet, which drew both praise and criticism from the fans.

That brings us to today, where almost every team in the NFL has been tweaking their uniforms, for better or for worse. One team who looks significantly better would be the Detroit Lions who added some style to the lion and freshened up their uniforms over the last few years. A couple in the worse category would include the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

FOX Sports decided to take some of the guess work out of the rankings for NFL team uniforms by submitting their own opinion. Here's the list:

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Buffalo Bills Run Defense Drops to Fourth in NFL

October 21st, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Mike Matisz

When the Buffalo Bills saw the Minnesota Vikings on their schedule before the season's start, they most likely figured they would give up more than 100 yards rushing.

The Bills probably also thought they would be facing Adrian Peterson.

The Bills still gave up 100 yards to a single rusher on Sunday, but this rusher was Jerick McKinnon. McKinnon rushed 19 tomes for 103 yards, with his longest rush being a 29-yard run.

McKinnon was the most effective back against the Bills even though the Vikings attempted to run the ball with Matt Asiata and Jerome Felton as well.

Overall the Vikings managed 158 yards on the ground and brought the Bills average up to 80.4 yards allowed per game, which dropped the Bills from first to fourth in the league.

Currently, the Arizona Cardinals give up the least amount of rushing yards in the league (72.5) followed by the Detroit Lions (73.4) and then the Denver Broncos (74.3).

The Bills are tied for the league lead in yards per rushing attempt, only giving up 3.2 yards per rush.

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Buffalo Bills Still Sour After Win Against Minnesota Vikings

October 21st, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Bills finished a dramatic come-from-behind win in the dying seconds against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, but the game should never have been that close, and the team knows it.

The Bills committed four turnovers and allowed Jerick McKinnon to rush for more than 100 yards. The offensive line had a hard time protecting Kyle Orton and the team looked out of sync for most of the game. The Bills got the win, and they appreciate it, but they are not happy with the way they played.

"I think you have to acknowledge the win. I know there were some good things out there, but there are some things we need to get better at," Marrone said. "Defensively, we talked to the players today about communication. That's from us too on the sideline. We had a snap on fourth and one where we had 12 [men] out there. We had another snap where we had 10. We've got to do a better job of communicating. I've got to do a better job in practice of that. It starts with me putting us in situations like that, but communicating in the huddle and the post-huddle and recognizing things that are going on."

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Chris Hogan Emerging as a Dependable Target for Buffalo Bills

October 21st, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Bills have a very talented pool of wide receivers, and Chris Hogan is emerging quickly as one of Kyle Orton's favorite targets.

Hogan has 12 catches for 162 yards on the season, but he showed up big for the Bills Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. He had five catches for 63 yards against Minnesota, and despite a costly fumble in the redzone, played a huge role in Buffalo's win. Hogan made a circus catch near the sidelines at the two-yard-line, setting up the game-winning touchdown pass for Sammy Watkins. Hogan has continued to climb the depth chart, as his snaps continue to be higher than Mike Williams gets each week. Head coach Doug Marrone says that decision is based more on Hogan's play and less on how Williams has performed.

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