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2013 quarterback draft class was a disaster

Four years ago, only one quarterback was drafted in the first round, and only two were taken through the first 72 selections. Most teams knew what they were doing in passing on available passers.

Most Buffalo Bills signings have been for minimum contracts

Lots of tiny contracts.

Important 2017 Buffalo Bills offseason dates announced

All of the important dates in one, easy-to-find place!

Buffalo Bills aren’t planning pre-draft luncheon with GM Doug Whaley, scouts

What could this mean? There are a few distinct possibilities.

NFL will consider allowing coaches to challenge all penalties

A major change could be coming to instant replay in the NFL. A proposal allowing challenges to every officiating decision will be brought forward jointly by the Bills and Seahawks at next week's league meeting.

Kevin King 2017 NFL Draft scouting report

The Washington cornerback is long with crazy athleticism.

Lorenzo Alexander contract numbers show a big win for Buffalo Bills

The Bills didn't have to overpay after Alexander's big year.

Buffalo Bills draft needs, post-FA: defense

The Bills have few viable players in their secondary.

Buffalo Bills draft needs, post-FA: offense

Buffalo's biggest offensive weakness is at wide receiver, to no one's surprise.

Buffalo Bills paying three receivers same as 49ers paying Marquise Goodwin

Amazing financial work here by Buffalo's front office.