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For Williams and Livingston, a certain cool

June 1st, 2017 at 9:46 AM
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Carl Steward of the San Jose Mercury News thinks he detected a certain cool between ex-Nets Deron Williams, now of the Cavaliers, and Shaun Livingston, now of the Warriors. The two, now back-up point guards, will probably match up Thursday night in Game One of the NBA Finals.

“Their memories of each other from that one season together sound a bit detached, and at least from Livingston’s side, downright frosty,” Steward writes.

Asked if he and Williams kept in touch after playing together in 2013-14, Livingston turned “somber and a bit clipped,” Steward wrote.

“Nah,” Livingston said. “Some guys do, some guys don’t. There’s nothing to that. If I see him, it’s, `What’s up, you healthy, your family good?’ But then you just kind of keep it moving.”

Maybe, but a few minutes later, Livingston admitted he does keep in touch with …

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