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Nets Trying to Acquire 2014 First Round Pick

June 18th, 2014 at 4:14 PM
By Richard N. Funaro

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According to Sport's Illustrated's Chris Mannix, the Nets are looking to trade for a first round pick in next week's draft.

Mannix writes that the Chicago Bulls, who own the 16th and 19th overall picks, are looking to trade both picks as the team looks to upgrade its offense. Mannix also adds that "picks 20-25 can be had for the right price." Those picks are currently owned by the Toronto Raptors (20), Oklahoma City Thunder (21), Memphis Grizzlies (22), Utah Jazz (23), Charlotte Hornets (24), and Houston Rockets (25). Of those teams, the Hornets, Jazz, and Thunder all have two first rounders, which explains why they would be shopping their picks.

Of course, the Nets currently do not have any draft picks this year after dealing most of them to the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics in the trades for Joe Johnson in 2012 and for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce last summer.

Without any picks this year, what could the Nets trade to move into the first round? That's hard to know for sure. Deron Williams has reportedly grown frustrated with the team and may request a trade, but considering Williams' high salary and injury history a team may be hesitant to part with a first round pick to acquire him. Brook Lopez is the only truly valuable asset the Nets have to offer but would probably balk at trading him, despite his injury struggles.

The Nets could also consider dealing some of its younger players such as 2013 first round pick Mason Plumlee, who is coming off a strong rookie campaign. The Nets also own the rights to 2011 second round pick Bojan Bogdanovic, who came close to signing with the team last summer. A team could acquire his rights with the hope of working out a buyout with Bogdanvic's Turkish team.

Comment below on who you think the Nets should trade to get into the first round.

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