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Brooklyn Nets May Need to Decide Between Deron Williams and Shaun Livingston

May 28th, 2014 at 11:40 AM
By Martin Mihaly

'Deron Williams, Jason Kidd' photo (c) 2014, Keith Allison - license:

This offseason will surely be filled with intrigue for the Brooklyn Nets.  The team fell far off from it's championship hopes as it was ousted by the Miami Heat in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, 4-1.  With so many impending free agents, it's a wonder as to how the team will improve and will be on the roster come opening day next season.  

The team was severely underachieving as it was a putrid 10-21 at one point.  However, things began to turn as Jason Kidd decided to insert Shaun Livingston into the starting lineup.  That meant that Deron Williams would have to slide over to the shooting guard position, a spot which would take the ball out of his hands much more so than he was used to.  

Eventually, the Nets started to turn their season around and finished with a respectable record of 44-38.   

With the duo paired in the starting lineup together Livingston had maybe his best season as a pro.  Meanwhile, Williams had his worst statistical season since his rookie season.  Now, Livingston is a free agent and is sure to command a lucrative contract.  On the other hand, Williams still has three years and $63 million left on his contract.  He also just had surgery on both of his ankles.

It will be very difficult for the Nets to trade Williams.  His performance has regressed since he joined the Nets in 2011 and his ankles have been a severe issue.  His contract does not make things any easier.  

Livingston may command more money than the Nets will be either willing or capable of giving him.  

However, things are simple for the Nets.  If the team feels Williams can still revert back to his level of play with the Utah Jazz  then the Nets will be much better with him.  If they don't think he can get back to that level then they will be better off with bringing back Livingston at a significantly lower price and trying to trade away Williams or keeping him coming off the ball more.  

Brooklyn has many decisions to make this offseason.  This is certainly one of the most important one's.   

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