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How the Jason Collins Signing Could Impact the Brooklyn Nets

February 25th, 2014 at 10:23 PM
By Martin Mihaly

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It has been said enough already that Jason Collins coming out as gay was groundbreaking.  This past weekend, the Brooklyn Nets signed Collins making him the first openly gay NBA player in league history.  

Brooklyn signed Collins to a 10 day contract as a big man will play sparingly behind Kevin Garnett, Andray Blatche and Mason Plumlee.  he is not a scorer or even a big-time rebounder, but he is a good defensive presence to play against some of the better center's in the league.  This, however, may not be his biggest asset to the Nets.  

What Collins presence could bring to the Nets is a greater sense of team unity.  Before the signing, all his new teammates (some of which he had already played with before) said that they would fully accept Collins to the team.  

Kevin Garnett was quoted as saying Collins is a "great guy, great character."

Joe Johnson said, "We would accept it greatly and it shouldn't be a problem." 

Along with Garnett and Johnson, the Nets are team filled with veterans who are just trying to win basketball games.  Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Andrei Kirilenko and the rest of Jason Kidd's squad all just want to win.  Every person supports one another has each other's back.  That support amongst each other may get even bigger with Collins joining the team.  

There is tons of trash talk that goes on in the NBA but it is probably not that likely that someone would say something offensive to Collins in regards to his sexuality.  However, if that line is crossed, you can expect his teammates to be there for him.  

Collins is a good defender who plays hard and within the team concept.  If he plays well enough during games and in practices, it is likely that the Nets will just sign him out right for the rest of the season.  

His teammates will have his back as they would if any other teammate were going through an unseen situation.  This also bring the Nets closer together than they were before.

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