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For How Long Should Deron Williams Come Off the Bench for the Brooklyn Nets?

January 23rd, 2014 at 11:59 AM
By Martin Mihaly

'Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls' photo (c) 2013, Shinya Suzuki - license:

In the five games that Deron Williams recently missed, the Brooklyn Nets went 4-1.  The team appeared to find a groove with its starting lineup of Shaun Livingston, Alan Anderson, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The more telling part of this recent development is that the star guard is actually the one who proposed the idea, not coach Jason Kidd

"That was my idea," said Williams recently.  "Just because we've been playing so well with that lineup, why shake things up?"

The lineup has been playing extremely well.  Garnett is finally getting into his comfort zone in the offense after struggling through the first portion of the season.  Livingston has been terrific as the team's point guard.  Anderson has been able to stretch the defense with his three-point shooting.  Johnson and Pierce have been the team's best play makers.  The team defense has been a dramatic improvement from the beginning of the season.

In his last two games since receiving injections into his ankles, Williams has 22 points and 12 assists total.  

Now it's a wonder of how long he will actually continue to come off the bench.  

Will it be the next game against the Mavericks on Friday?  Will he stay coming off the bench if the Nets keep winning the way they have been?  How about if the Nets hit a slump; is that when Williams is re-inserted into the starting lineup?

The Nets best lineup right now may be the one that they are currently putting out there.  However, if the Nets are to reach their full potential it is most likely with Williams being amongst the starters with him playing his best basketball.

The move will be made eventually.  The only question for Brooklyn is when.

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