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Brooklyn Nets Hopeful Deron Williams Will Play Vs. New York Knicks on Monday

January 16th, 2014 at 1:51 PM
By Martin Mihaly

'Deron Williams & Nate Robinson' photo (c) 2013, Shinya Suzuki - license:

The Brooklyn Nets traveled to London this week without Deron Williams, as they prepare to face the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday.  Williams has been out the last few games, last playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers more than a week ago.

Since then the Nets have beaten the Hawks, Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat, but then lost at the Toronto Raptors.  Williams has been in and out of the lineup all season for Brooklyn as he has dealt with constant problems to both of his ankles.

This was not something new to the Nets organization and their star guard.  Williams dealt with such issues last season.  He struggled through about half the season until he received injections.  Afterwards, he looked like a revitalized and re-energized player.

So the Nets decided to do the same thing this year.  Williams received injections last week and "received platelet rich plasma treatment," according to Nets Daily. 

The Nets recently went on a five game win streak, easily their best stretch of what has been an otherwise dreadful season.  They won the last three of those games without Williams.  

Still, If the Nets are to maintain their recent success or keep improving, they need their floor general on the court and at his best.

Whenever Williams does come back, whether it be against the Knicks or an even later date, they need him to come back strong and to stay on the court.  

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