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Bojan Bogdanovic Says His Decision to Stay in Europe Wasn’t About Money

July 15th, 2013 at 9:04 PM
By Christopher Mann

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Last week Bojan Bogdanovic decided to turn down an offer from the Brooklyn Nets in order to stay with Fenerbahce, a Turkish club that he had played with during the last few seasons. The Nets offer was reportedly a 3 year deal worth $2.5 million a year. However, since Bogdanovic’s deal with Fenerbahce still had one year left he would have needed to work on a buyout in order to move to the NBA this season. Over the past 2 weeks Bogdanovic’s agent continued to say that the buyout was very do-able and seemed to be a slight speed bump in the Croatian star’s journey to Brooklyn.

Then the trip hit some trouble when Fenerbahce brought in legendary European coach Zeljko Obradvoic and he began convincing Bogdanovic to stay in Europe for at least one season. He must have been more convincing then Coach Jason Kidd and General Manager Billy King because Bogdanovic ultimately decided to stay in Turkey. He is close to working on an extension to stay in Europe for a few more seasons. But Bogdanovic insists that his decision to stay was due to a desire to play for Obradovic and win in Europe before coming to the NBA. This was reported by Croatian basketball writer Igor Marinovic on his twitter, @sofoklo13.

Marinovic tweeted “Bogdanovic: "Financial deal and buyout to Fenerbahce weren't main issue for me to stay in Europe”, contrary to King’s report that Bogdanovic could not get the Turkish club to lower the buyout from $2 million.

Whatever the reason, Bogdanovic will be in Europe next season and the Nets have signed their “backup plan," Andrei Kirilenko (who probably should have been “Plan A” anyway). Bogdanovic did say he is planning on coming over to the NBA at some point, at which time the Nets will still have his rights. 

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