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Patrick Day to Start the New Year on “Friday Night Fights” Card

January 4th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Sharon Scrima

Photo credit: Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment

A year into his budding professional career, light middleweight Patrick Day blossoms into a true prospect as he looks ahead to his first appearance on an ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" card to be held on January 31, 2014 at the Richard J. Codey Arena in West Orange, New Jersey.

After making his pro debut in January 2013 and winning his first two fights with first round stoppages, Day (5-0-1, 2 KO's) has certainly gotten in some good work. He has gone the distance in his last four fights, including three rather dominating unanimous decisions and a hard fought draw last time out. He stepped up to his first six-round bout in only his fifth pro fight this past August when the level of his competition began to improve against Donald Ward, yet the 21-year old Day maintained his poise and composure to deliver strong performances each time.

Day was handed a majority draw against Urmat Ryskeldiev last month, a fight where the well-known and highly regarded Julie Lederman was the sole judge to score the fight for Day with a score of 59-55. Although the Freeport resident firmly believes he won the fight, Day admits that he may have over-trained for the tough Kyrgyzstan bruiser. However, he views the experience as one from which he will benefit greatly as he begins his second year as a pro.

"It was a beautiful lesson. In my previous five fights, I felt like I wasn't really seasoned or broken into professional boxing. After this last fight, I can truly say that I feel like a professional fighter. I learned to take my rest seriously and that proper rest in pro boxing is just as important as work rate so you can be sharp in the fight," observed Day.

"I also learned what it's like to fight one of these tough guys that just don't stop coming. They're really out there to get you and you have to be in shape to ward these guys off. They are tough – they'll take your best shot. You'll hurt them but they'll shake it off and keep coming forward."

Up next is an opportunity to get some additional exposure when Day appears on a loaded ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" card with the potential to be televised in a possible swing bout against an opponent to be determined. It was his fight against Ward that grabbed the attention of ESPN who invited him to be on the card to kick-off their 2014 boxing season. Although a televised spot has not been guaranteed, Day recognizes his inclusion on the card will only help his developing profile.

"It's just a good feeling that I'm going to be in front of a different crowd and new people are going to learn my name. Even if my fight is not televised, there's going to be big fans in the crowd and maybe some other important people who can give me an opportunity."

Of course, Day is not losing sight of the ultimate objective.

"Either way, I still plan on winning. The exposure will be nice but the win is what matters most."


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