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Mikey Garcia Dominates Juan Manuel Lopez in 4th Round TKO Victory

June 17th, 2013 at 10:44 PM
By Phil Clark

He may have vacated his title on the scales, but Mikey Garcia (full name Miguel Angel Garcia) put on a quick hitting display that ended with a technical knockout win over Juan Manuel Lopez.

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Garcia was supposed to defend his WBO featherweight title against Lopez, but weighed in two pounds over the 126-pound limit for the bout. Garcia opted to not even attempt to lose the weight and was stripped of his title. By rule, the title was still on the line for Lopez since he made the weight.

Despite losing his title before entering the ring, Garcia was dominant right from the beginning.

The left was Garcia's punch during this bout, whether working the jab with it or launching a hook. The left hook in particular worked very well for Garcia, landing it both short and lunging during the bout. The shots had impact immediately and caused some early swelling below Lopez's left eye.

Garcia scored his first knockdown of the bout in round two. Lopez, in a moment of irony, seemed too preoccupied with Garcia's left and left himself wide open for a straight right by Garcia after he had thrown a left.

Garcia scored another knockdown in round four after things had got a bit wild. Both men began to unload on each other at the beginning of the round with Garcia getting the better of it. Then, as another of these exchanges seemed to begin, Garcia landed a big left hook right to Lopez's face. The blow sent Lopez to the canvas flat on his back with both arms out. Lopez made it to his feet, but was grabbing onto the ropes very likely for support.

Referee Rafael Ramos had seen enough and stopped the bout, earning Garcia a TKO win at 1:45 of the round.

There seemed to be plenty of fight in Lopez this past Saturday night, but nothing inside of him that was able to get that fight to manifest itself into landed combinations or anything that would have given Lopez more of a chance of winning the bout.

In the other bout on HBO's broadcast, Terence Crawford earned a more decisive win than his usual performances have produced.

Crawford has relied on his amateur background and technical skill for the most part, but his power really came out Saturday night against Alejandro Sanabria.

Just seconds into round six, Crawford connected with a lead left hook that hit Sanabria square in the face. The blow sent Sanabria to the canvas in what looked like a slow somersault. Sanabria made it back to his feet, but couldn't keep his footing well and that was all referee Laurence Cole needed to stop the bout after such a brutal looking knockdown.

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