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Boston Red Sox Fire & Ice: Xander Bogaerts Hot, David Ortiz Cold

May 26th, 2014 at 2:09 PM
By Sean Penney

It's been a rough week for the Boston Red Sox, who currently find themselves stuck in a 10-game losing streak.  You can't lose that many games in a row without having plenty of options to choose from for players that are ice cold right now, but it's not all bad news.  A few players on this team are actually doing their part while waiting for their teammates to pitch in.

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On Fire

Xander Bogaerts
Last 7 days: .375/.423/.625, 1 HR, 3 doubles, 4 RBI

You might have expected Bogaerts to be a bit distracted after the team decided to bring back Stephen Drew.  It's not that Bogaerts is in any danger of losing his starting job, but once Drew arrives he'll likely push Bogaerts over to third base.  The primary reason for the move had more to do with Will Middlebrooks' inconsistency and injury, but you could understand how a young player could interpret it as the team losing faith in his ability to handle the short stop position.  Yet Bogaerts has handled the situation well so far, allowing the news to fuel him rather than drag him down.  The rookie has a bright future, regardless of which position he sticks at.

John Lackey
Last 7 days: 7.0 innings, 0 runs, 5 hits, 3 K's

None of the Red Sox pitchers have recorded a win in the past week, but Lackey sure deserved one based on his strong effort against the Rays. Unfortunately, he got no support from his offense and the bullpen allowed a 9th inning run to give Tampa Bay the walk off win.  The rest of the rotation is struggling right now, but Lackey has been the lone bright spot.

Ice Cold

David Ortiz
Last 7 days: .048/.130/.048, 2 walks, 5 Ks

What a difference a week makes.  Ortiz had been the team's hottest hitter all season, but the Sox losing streak has coincided with his massive slump. Big Papi has only 1 hit in his last 21 at bats – a measly single.  He hasn't scored a run or driven one in either.  If the Red Sox are going to break out of this losing streak, they need their big bat to wake up.

Andrew Miller
Last 7 days: 0-2, 2.2 innings, 3.38 ERA

Miller's numbers may not be the worst this week for a pitching staff loaded with poor performances, but Miller earns this spot due to a pair of losses in back-to-back games.  First, he spoiled a great start from Lackey by giving up a walk off hit to Cole Figueroa.  The next day the Sox lost a 15 inning marathon when Miller botched what could have been a double-play by throwing the ball off target into center field, letting the winning run come around to score.  Two straight walk off wins for the Rays, both coming against Miller.  That's a tough week.

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3 Responses to “Boston Red Sox Fire & Ice: Xander Bogaerts Hot, David Ortiz Cold”

  1.  Derek Eagles says:

    I feel for Xander. The season isn’t going to turn out the Sox brass would have thought anyway so they should have found a 3B solution and let him stay at SS and go through his growing pain for the whole year. Now with Nancy Drew Jr. coming back he has his binky. Don’t get me wrong he did a good job at 3B down the stretch last season ( I mean they won it all so obviously ), but enough with the carousel already. Xander needs to be the fixture at SS. If Middlebrooks isn’t going to work out at 3B ( looks like he won’t ) then the plan needs to be to get a 3B not to keep renting shortstops and shifting Xander over. He’s more valuable as a full time SS than a 3B. Plenty of stopgaps at 3B out there until another kid is ready to take the reigns. Xander is wasted at 3B. He is meant for more.

  2.  Derek Eagles says:

    Scary thought that Lackey is a go to guy now, but last season proved that he can be what he was earlier in his career with the Angels. He’s also about to go from being overpaid to the best bargain in baseball soon enough so we have that going for us…which is nice.

  3.  Sean Penney says:

    The Red Sox have better options in their farm system at 3B, such as Garin Cecchini. If they aren’t willing to let Bogaerts stay at SS long term, they don’t really have a long term replacement. I’m sure he’ll get another shot at SS, but signing Drew gives them some insurance for this year since Cecchini isn’t ready and Middlebrooks is hurt.

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