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Jerry Remy to Return to Boston Red Sox Broadcast Booth in 2014

January 28th, 2014 at 6:37 PM
By Ron Juckett

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Jerry Remy, the popular color analyst for 26 years on Boston Red Sox telecasts, will return to the NESN broadcast booth full-time for the 2014 season.

Remy has been on leave since last August when his son, Jared Remy, was formally accused of murdering his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

The choice to return, as it should have been, is Remy’s. At first, he was reluctant to return. A close circle of his friends, however, including his wife, urged the 61-year-old to go back to what he does best, banter back and forth with partner Don Orsillio on the popular broadcasts.

On January 3 of this year, we ran a piece that called on Remy to retire and offered this solution:

A package of home games and an on-field ambassador between the team and the fans is the best choice. Remy can still do what he loves, NESN can move forward with their broadcasts and Remy can have the privacy he deserves when he needs it.

Remy is the best judge of what he can handle and what his family needs. The lung cancer survivor said that his latest CT scan came back clean and he is cancer free. If he truly feels he can handle the grind of a seven-and-a-half month season, then that is his call.

Look, there is no right answer here. Remy certainly should not be punished from doing his job because of the actions of his adult child. If he were an accountant or a factory worker, he would have been back to work by now without a peep from anybody.

Remy, however, is the most public face for this storied franchise. As a player and broadcaster, he has been with the Sox since 1978. When you think of the team, you naturally think of him. He is the president of the team’s official fan club, Red Sox Nation. The relationship between him and the club is as important as any in the sport.

All of which makes his return harder for all.

For his entire public persona, Remy is an intently private person. His quirky style feeds off his introverted behavior. People get a kick out of his admitting of always eating hotel room service or not having any hobbies. Now, we all know his deepest family secrets.

No one deserves that kind of public inspection.

NESN will ensure that Monday will be the last time Remy speaks on the matter, but they cannot shield him or us from what promises to be a rocky summer.

A five-year-old girl has lost both of her parents in this terrible ordeal. There will be a trial this fall that will possibly lock up Remy’s son for the rest of his life. No matter how we want to hear him talk about keeping score and sending hot dogs to kids in the stands, that pain is right under the surface for all to see.

What happens when he goes to New York and sees the nasty signs? We, of course will not see them, but they will be there. One of the reasons we go to work is to escape the problems we face at home. How in the world is Remy going to get that?

If he feels ready, then we should welcome him warmly. If he changes his mind in a couple months, we should accept that too.

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