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Alex Rodriguez Legal Team Tries to Drag Boston Red Sox into PED Mess

January 15th, 2014 at 1:23 PM
By Ron Juckett

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Joe Tacopina—one of the attorney’s representing disgraced New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez—appeared to take a swipe at Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd Show, an accusation Tacopina later denied making.

When asked if Tacopina would name anyone else as a user of performance enhancing drugs, he declined to get specific, but told host Cowherd, "but some of them are God-like in Boston right now."

Responding to an inquiry later from the Boston Globe in an attempt to clarify if Tacopina was specifically hinting at Ortiz, Tacopina denied he was calling out the Red Sox icon, but he refused to take back his quote in regards to attempting to out a Boston player through innuendo.

In recent days, Tony Bosch—who Major League Baseball believes supplied Rodriguez with a variety of hormones and other PED’s—was interviewed extensively by CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley for an extended piece for the network’s newsmagazine 60 Minutes.

After that interviewed aired to a wide audience Sunday night following the AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers, the Major League Baseball Players Association, along with Rodriguez and his legal team, released a flurry of public statements denouncing the interview.

Monday, Rodriguez not only filed suit against Major League Baseball and the arbitrator that ruled on the validity of the suspension—Frederic Horowitz—but named the Players Association in the lawsuit as well.

Rodriguez’s strategy is now “scorched earth.” In destroying what little is left to his reputation and career, Rodriguez is allowing his surrogates to try and bring as many people down with him as he can.

Ortiz has had steroid issues over his head for years after his named leaked to the New York Times in 2009 as being one of the 103 players to have failed a drug test in baseball’s infamous Mitchell Report compiled in 2003.

Suspicions of Ortiz’s use continued to be murmured by fans of other teams after the hitter rebounded from a series of injuries to put up some of the productive numbers of his career, serious enough for most Red Sox fans to hold their breath and sigh deeply when they are refuted.

Rodriguez taking a potshot at the Red Sox—regardless of which player Tacopina is trying to out—is not a surprise.

Once traded to Boston by the Texas Rangers for Manny Ramirez, the deal was nixed following the Players Association’s objection to how Rodriguez first long-term contract was restructured. Following his subsequent trade to the New York Yankees, Rodriguez has not earned the warm and fuzzy feelings of the Fenway Faithful, including the famous fight with Jason Varitek in 2004 at home plate.

After repeatedly putting his current team—the Yankees—under the proverbial bus, for example claiming to juice so he could crack 800 career home runs and not to help the Yankees win, Rodriguez is desperate to put the PED spotlight on anyone else.

Along with storming out of his own arbitration hearing and being the only player in the Biogenesis mess not to take a reduced suspension when offered, Rodriguez has entered the Pete Rose stage of delusion, fooling no one but himself over his innocence. 

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