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2013 MLB Winter Meetings Quiet for Boston Red Sox

December 13th, 2013 at 3:38 PM
By Ron Juckett

The Boston Red Sox front office did indeed attend the recently completed Winter Meetings in Orlando. They just did not do too much in between those meetings.

Yes, they formally announced the re-signing of Mike Napoli. They also signed Shunsuke Watanabe, a submarine pitcher from Japan, to a minor league contract. And, they kicked the tires with the Los Angeles Dodgers on a trade for center fielder Matt Kemp.

Besides that? They went to bed at a decent hour, flossed their teeth between meals and did not participate in any parking lot fights between fellow agents.

The Red Sox may have had the most boring week ever had at Walt Disney World, and that is a good thing.

The transition between the 2013 world championship club to the 2014 squad is not complete.

Stephen Drew remains unsigned, contract extensions may be given to Jon Lester and David Ortiz before the team reconvenes in a few weeks at Fort Myers. Boston may actually put together a package for Kemp as well. David Price and Max Scherzer may hit the open trade market and the Sox could pounce.

In short, we still do not know all the right questions to ask yet.

Not having any of those questions answered this past week, however, is not a bad thing. It tells us that Boston will move this offseason at its own pace and not get bluffed into making a hasty decision based on what their rivals do.

Their hand was forced before the meetings a bit when Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the New York Yankees. Although we all knew that e and Jarrod Saltalamacchia were headed elsewhere, there was pressure from the players and the fans not to let Napoli still be a free agent by the time all the clubs were settled into their hotel rooms.

Unless the shock trade of the meetings involved Boston, the only think you might have expected was either re-signing Drew or pulling off the Kemp deal. Mark Trumbo and Logan Morrison were the biggest names to change addresses and neither of those moves were a surprise.

When the highlight of the week was a supposed fight between Dave Stewart and Gary Sheffield and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson selected in the minor league Rule 5 draft by the Texas Rangers, you could say Cinderella’s Castle saw more action than the hotel lobbies around the Magic Kingdom.

Eight weeks from the start of Spring Training, the Sox are publicly comfortable with the roster as constructed right now. If they want Drew back, chances are they will keep hi. If there is a deal for Kemp that fits their liking or budget, they will do it. It will just happen on their terms.

Ten months from now, we may look the first half of this offseason and wonder why they were so slow to act. For now, though, the Red Sox will gladly take being dull and boring.

* * *

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