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Would Dante Exum Be the Right Choice Even with Rajon Rondo on the Roster?

May 4th, 2014 at 1:22 PM
By Sean Melia

The Boston Celtics do not need a point guard. They have an All-Star championship winning one already: Rajon Rondo. However, this June the draft could force Danny Ainge to decide on whether he should choose a player based on need or based on talent.

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Enter, Dante Exum. The 6’6” point guard and mystery man could end up slipping to the Celtics at the #5 pick.

Exum is a mystery because he plays basketball on the other side of the world in Australia. 

Exum is a point guard, or at least a combo guard, and if Ainge picked him it could rock the boat just a little bit this summer. Rajon Rondo has already asked that he is involved in the team building process and he’d like to know what is going on during the off-season.

Could the Celtics go for the talented Mr. Exum and expect Rondo to remain happy? That’s unclear.

Could drafting Exum send a signal to Rondo? Sure. The Celtics could be saying they are prepared to move on from Rondo after next season or even possibly trade him before he hits free agency. Rondo didn’t only say he wanted to be involved this summer, but he has also said he is intrigued by the free agency song and dance.

So, should the Celtics ignore the multiple needs they have or just simply take the best player even if that player creates a redundancy on the roster?

Exum has some offensive skills that other Celtics’ guards do not have. He is long and can get to the rim. He enjoys taking guys off the dribble and neutralizes taller guys in the paint with his length. He is also adept at finishing with both hands very effectively. 

Check out DraftExpress for a superb breakdown. 

The other person that could be affected by Dante Exum coming to Boston is Avery Bradley. He is a restricted free agent this summer. Ainge has said he wants to bring Bradley back, but a lot of that depends on the market for Bradley. All it takes is one team to overvalue him and suddenly the Celtics could let him go. 

The shocking thing about this topic is how much one pick could shift the building of this team.


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