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A Look Ahead at the Boston Celtics Schedule This Week Along with Some Thoughts on Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo

April 1st, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Sean Melia

This week we turn the calendar one final time during the 2013-14 Boston Celtics regular season schedule. 

Let's take a quick look at what the first week in April has in store for the Celtics.

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Who are the Celtics playing this week?

Wednesday @ Washington Wizards

Season series: 1-1

Friday vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Season series: 1-1

Saturday @ Detroit Pistons

Season series: 1-2

Is Avery Bradley going to be alright?

Bradley tweaked that bothersome right ankle yet again on Monday night against the Chicago Bulls. The ankle has forced Bradley to miss a lot of games this year. Bradley has missed 19 games this season so far. He has never played in more than 64 games in any of his four seasons in the league. Even if he does return to the court on Wednesday against the Wizards and plays every game remaining on the Celtics roster, he will only reach 63 games played this season.

It seems that he was having an issue loosening up his Achilles tendon, which is a big time warning sign. Unfortunately, on of the big things to watch for at the end of the season was how Bradley and Rajon Rondo paired up in the backcourt. After injuries to both players it seems like we might not see too many more games this season with those two guards on the court together.

Bradley's inability to stay healthy throughout a long season should be a big talking point when contract talks begin. Last summer he was completely healthy and ready to tackle a full NBA season. It was his first off-season fully healthy, allowing him to get stronger instead of just healing. Sadly, the strengthening did not keep Bradley on the court for the entire season.

The Celtics have to decide if an injury prone shooting guard is really what they want during the rebuilding process. 

Where do the Celtics stand in the lottery?

Currently, the Celtics are sitting in the fifth slot if the ping-pong balls fall as predicted. The Celtics are competing with the Utah Jazz for that fourth pick. Utah is 23-52 and the Celtics are 23-51. 

The Orlando Magic, in the third slot, are 21-53. It's unlikely that the Celtics lose all their remaining games. If they even won one more game, that would mean the Magic would need to win four of their last eight games. That doesn't seem realistic. 

Can the Celtics win a game this week?

Since March 11, the Celtics have won a single game. It was against the Miami Heat. Their last road win was February 10 against the Milwaukee Bucks. They are 0-10 on the road since that victory. So it seems like a win on the road might be tough.

The Washington Wizards are fighting for their sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, which is valuable because it helps them avoid the Heat or Indiana Pacers. The Detroit Pistons (one of the biggest disappointments this season), are pretty much out of the playoff picture and are simply playing out the season. They are 2-8 in their last 10 games. 

The Celtics have been playing hard all season, and it makes sense that they would get one win out of these games this week. The 76ers are horrendous and the Pistons are playing out the season without much to hope for. They should get at least one win in those two games.

Should Rondo quit his day job?

Rajon Rondo joined Mike Gorman as the color commentator on Monday night. He was stiff at the beginning of the game, but by halftime he was comfortable and sharing useful tidbits, like how the Bulls handle back door cuts by "tagging" which allowed Kelly Olynyk to get two open jumpers on back to back possessions. Rondo was probably also being careful not to share too much information, because his knowledge could be used against him and his team.

It would be fun to see him back in the booth again, Mike Gorman suggested a second date for Rondo. Saturday is another second leg of a back-to-back. Let's get Rondo back behind the mic.


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