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Jeff Green’s Rollercoaster Season with the Boston Celtics Cannot Be the Norm

March 23rd, 2014 at 5:10 AM
By Sean Melia

Jeff Green had it all in front of him this season. The superstars were gone. Rajon Rondo was injured. The coach was new. The stage was his. Unfortunately, it wasn't all neat and tidy like so many in Boston had hoped. The smooth and silky forward continued his strange relationship with a game that he so frequently seems to have under complete control. Sadly, the game of basketball is more like jello in Green's hand, hard to handle consistently.

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Steve Bulpett wrote a great piece on Jeff Green, who was rather outspoken regarding his critics.

Here is the link to the article – Enigmatic Jeff Green Ignores Flak

Green refers to his up and down play saying, "You know, the results are roller coaster-ish. You're going to have good games, and you're going to have bad game. What I can control is the way I go out there and play, and that's playing hard. If I make shots, I make shots. If I miss, I miss." 

Green also just seems happy to be playing, "After missing a year from the condition that I had, you know, just being on the floor, for me, is a good start and it's a blessing for me. So that's my expectation, just go out there and just play as hard as I can."

That mentality is understandable. Jeff Green nearly had basketball taken away from him forever. Instead, it was given back and now he is enjoying it, no matter what. Of course he wants to do well and play well, but it's not the end of the world for him. He said it, this is the "start."

The season Jeff Green's "start" has been somewhat of a disappointment. Statistically, he is scoring more points, but his efficiency is way down. He is scoring .92 points per possession (PPP). Putting him at 194th in the league, per Synergy Sports. Green is shooting his lowest percentage from the field, at 41%. While is FG% is down, his shot totals are up, way up. He is shooting the ball more times per game (14.3), than any year of his career. He has also taken 47 more three-point field goals this season than last year. He still has 13 more games to play to add to that total (he played 81 last year, 69 so far this year).

The offensive rating (number of points per 100 possessions by a team), is also very unimpressive. It sits at 97.5, the same as his rookie year in Seattle. Green's OffRtg has been as high as 106 in 2009-10. 

His shot chart for this year is also un-impressive. He is not really a threat to shoot and score from anywhere on the floor. Purely mediocre in multiple areas, and below average in the mid-range.

Green's defense has not done much to help him make up for those quiet nights on the offensive end. His opponent scores .86 PPP. Putting him at 164th in the league per Synergy Sports. He is also getting scorched on isolation plays, allowing .99 PPP. He ranks 232nd in that area. The Defensive Rating for Green is also high, at 104.1 this year. Although Green's DefRtg has never been lower than 100.  

Obviously, some of those stats are tied to team production, but Green is a pivotal member of this team. He was a leader, and he will still have some expectation next year to take some young players under his wing. 

After five years in the league at age 27, the question needs to be asked. Is this what Jeff Green is going to be? Has he reached his pinnacle and now just needs to be in the right situation?

Jeff Green will be answering a lot more questions about his output and roller coaster ride unless he is surrounded by some more consistent players that allow him to find a more even keel. 

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