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The Point Guard Position is Loaded Right Now in the NBA, Who Would Be Willing to Try Something New?

February 26th, 2014 at 11:15 AM
By Sean Melia

Earlier today we broke down the teams that are set at the point guard position. Now we look at some more teams that might be more willing to trade their point guard. 

This topic came from Danny Ainge who claimed that 20 NBA teams have point guards they are comfortable with. 

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Group 2: We like the guy we have, but we could be talked into something new

San Antonio Spurs: This team is aging and might be looking to try something new moving forward. Tim Duncan is in his twilight and Tony Parker turns 32 in May. He has a lot of miles on his tires due to the playoff runs the Spurs have made with Parker at the helm. The Spurs would probably call Danny Ainge back, but it isn't likely that they would take on Rondo.

New Jersey Nets: The Deron Williams experiment has not gone as smoothly as the Nets had hoped. He is injury prone and erratic. He is also very talented and it would be tough to see him leaving the Nets unless something great came along. They are running out of time and players will soon become assets to rebuild instead of assets to win a championship. 

Toronto Raptors: The Toronto Raptors are in a funny position. They have Kyle Lowry, who has been superb this season. However, over the course of his contract he has been inconsistent and not garnered glowing reviews for his character. In a contract year he has turned it around. We will know this summer how the Raptors value Lowry. 

Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley is a 27 year old that has grown into his role as point guard for the Grizzlies. He improved every single season and knows how to run that team. 

Cleveland Caveliers: Kyrie Irving might be running out of time in Cleveland, and a Rajon Rondo could be enticing. The Cavs have made plenty of mistakes, and getting rid of Irving would be another one. However, they land in this group because they have proven inept at handling their assets. 

Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Teague might be one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He has improved every single season. He scores at a good rate (15.7 PPG this season) and is doling out 7.1 assists this year. He went head to head with Rondo in the playoffs a few years ago too. 

The Hawks like hanging out in the middle, but they would be interested in Rondo if Ainge made the call. However, with Teague getting better each year and considering his age (25), it would be a tough sell. 

New Orleans Pelicans: Jrue Holiday has had an injury plagued first year in NOLA. The Pelicans are excited about the team they are building and Holiday is a big piece of that. 

Oklahoma City Thunder: If this season ends up in disappointment Russell Westbrook could end up being the scapegoat in OKC. This summer could be a big one for Thunder GM Sam Presti. The Westbrook for Rondo trade has come up before and it could come up again.

Check back later for the next group that is not completely in love with their point guard.

Let us know in the comments what you think so far.


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