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Jeff Green More Comfortable on the Road than at Home This Season

February 22nd, 2014 at 5:00 PM
By Sean Melia

Jeff Green has been under the microscope this season. He was expected to make a leap. The shadow of Hall of Fame teammates was gone. Rajon Rondo was injured. He had the potential. He has always had the potential, but now could he put it together?

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It seems the answer is a resounding "no." He has been inconsistent. In Friday's game against the Lakers he scored the first 11 points for the Boston Celtics. It took him four minutes to get those points. He didn't score again until the third quarter. Green goes in and out of games, looking spectacular for spells and then he looks pedestrian. In the words of Bill Simmons on last night's CSNNE telecast, Jeff Green has been "frustrating."

Green's performance on the road has been remarkably better than his performance in Boston this year. Does this speak to Green's inability to play in Boston? Boston Red Sox fans watched talented players struggle to handle the sports pressure cooker in Boston. Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez come to mind immediately. Boston wanted to like Jeff Green, but his performance at the TDGarden has left a lot to be desired. 


Green has played in 28 home games and 28 away games, so these stats are pretty staggering, especially his three-point percentage. Considering the Celtics 8-20 record on the road (winless on the west coast), it proves that even Green's best performances do not do much to help this team win. 

Is Green uncomfortable playing in Boston? Looking at his numbers from last season the answer should be "no." His splits were better in Boston than they were on the road last season. He shot 50% at home and his TS% was 59%. Better than the road splits of 43% (FG%) and 53% (TS%).

Jeff Green is 27 years old. He is what he is at this point, right? He is a tantalizing talent that does not always tap his wealth of skills. He lacks a consistent killer instinct and he rarely grabs a game by the horns. A game like the one in Los Angeles on Friday was a great example. The Celtics gave up 38 points in the fourth quarter and he could not do anything to stop the team's slide (note: neither could Rajon Rondo).

The new popular appraisal of Green is that he is a perfect "fourth guy" on a championship team. Right now, the Boston Celtics will either need to trade Green this summer to get players back that can help rebuild, or Danny Ainge is going to have to go out and find two or three players that are better than Green so he can remain in Boston and be the "fourth guy" on the new version of the Celtics in the next few years. 

Considering the Red Sox dealt Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez and instantly became better, it might be time this summer to move on from the Jeff Green experiment. 

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