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Danny Ainge Discusses Trades in the NBA and Some of His Thoughts on the Process

February 18th, 2014 at 11:51 AM
By Sean Melia

Danny Ainge has been doing some talking recently, both to the media and to other teams about his multiple assets. 

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The Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes has a few interesting quotes from Danny Ainge in his most recent article.

Baxter Holmes: Celtics in Play as Trade Deadline Looms

Ainge openly discussed the chances of the Boston Celtics making a trade before the deadline on Thursday: "Yeah, you ever know. You always hope that something could happen, but I'm not holding my breath on it at this trade deadline. It might not be the right time for us to do something."

In the spirit of talking out of both side of his mouth, Ainge also added, "I think that we'll be opportunistic. We're just waiting for an opportunity to do something good. …You've got to be patient. At the same time, you've got to be aggressive. "

Ainge wants to be patiently aggressive, we aren't quite sure what that means. However, it fits in with the entire narrative of Ainge being somewhat evasive and participating in quite a bit of double-talk. 

Steve Bulpett got some good thoughts from Ainge regarding the perception that Ainge is over valuing his players. Here is the link to his column.

Another thing that comes out at this time of year that I find sort of comical is the talk that I'm asking too much for my player or being unrealistic with my players. Well, you know, when someone call you and says, 'We'd like to have this guy,' and I say, 'OK, well, what do you want to give?' and they say, ' We'll give you this or this' – and I say, 'Well, will you give me that?' and they say no, then I tell them, 'Then I won't give my guy up' – who in that is valuing their guys too much, me or them?

This quote might take some unpacking. It seems as if both members in this Danny Ainge hypothetical are overvaluing their players. If Danny Ainge is guilty of anything, he protects the guys he knows should give him a solid return. Remember, he's traded Courtney Lee, Jordan Crawford, and MarShon Brooks and in return got Joel Anthony, Jerryd Bayless, and some second round picks in return.

Considering the solid seasons that Lee and Crawford were having, it's arguable that those deals do not show AInge as someone that overvalues his players. However, when it comes to trading superstars of course he is going to be more prudent. Rajon Rondo is a cheaply paid superstar right now, and what Ainge gets in return should be worth be something that can help the Celtics improve. 

Needless to say, it's likely we'll see one more deal between now and the deadline. The Celtics will officially place their hat in the ring for the lottery or a playoff push, which Ainge doesn't see as very possible saying, "we're not a playoff team this year, most likely, unless we turn things around quickly."

A big trade might do exactly that.


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