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Catching up with Some Boston Celtics Trade Thoughts.

February 17th, 2014 at 12:20 PM
By Sean Melia

The trade rumors will not stop until we pass the trade deadline. Ian Thomsen offered some new thoughts about what teams might be players in this week's trade extravaganza. 

'Media Day is not a favorite for Rondo' photo (c) 2010, DGA Productions - license:

Ian Thomsen – Biggest Questions heading into the Trade Deadline.

Boston (Celtics)president Danny Ainge is in the most interesting position: When he told the Boston Herald that he could make trades to improve the team now or later — that he could go either way — his statement had a ring of truth. But there don't appear to be a lot of trades to be made for difference-making talent at this deadline.

The most important part of this quote is the fact that there are not a lot of difference making talent. Thomsen is right, the players that will end up being traded are not players that are going to allow the Boston Celtics to make a playoff run. They are 4.5 games behind the 8th seed, but no one on the market will help this team make up those games. At least the players that Ainge would be willing to give up would hurt the team enough that whatever they received back would not be enough.

Thomsen also went on to say, "Rajon Rondo is unlikely to create a market in his first month back from knee surgery." This seems like a no brainer at this point. Rondo has steadily improved, and if he had returned a month sooner and played more than ten games it would be more likely that Rondo would be traded. 

Finally, Thomsen believes that Brandon Bass might be the most underrated veteran addition at the deadline. 

Brandon Bass, the 6-foot-8 power forward of the Celtics would be able to help any number of playoff teams as a highly reliable midrange shooter. He's 28, he has contributed to big games and deep playoff runs, and his defensive commitment has improved tremendously over the last two years. His $6.8 million salary (with another year to run at $7 million) shouldn't be a hindrance.

The rumblings will get louder and louder the closer the deadline gets. The tricky part about Danny Ainge is that he is exceedingly good at keeping things quiet until a trade is actually made. 


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