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Who is Most Likely to Be Traded by the Boston Celtics This Week

February 11th, 2014 at 7:05 AM
By Sean Melia

The Boston Celtics will be receiving a lot of calls in the next week for players on their roster. They have plenty of guys that could be fantastic pieces on teams that are more developed than this Celtics squad. 

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The top assets that Danny Ainge will be getting calls about are, in no particular order: Jeff Green, Kris Humphries, Brandon BassGerald Wallace, and Rajon Rondo.

So who is most likely to get traded by the deadline? Let's rank them on a scale from 1-10 (1= buy a house in Boston and 10 = you should be packing.)

#1 Brandon Bass 

Trade Scale 8.5 

Bass is the most affordable piece of trade bait the Celtics have to offer. He has one year on his contract after this year, and will get paid $6.9 million. He's an easy piece for a team to add because he is so cheap and his salary matches what he is going to being to the team. He's like a Leon Powe from the 2008 Celtics. Bass could potentially throw-up a few solid games in the playoffs, he can defend multiple positions and is battle tested from his time with the Orlando Magic. 

The Charlotte Bobcats, Golden State Warriors (already a Boston trade partner this year), and the Phoenix Suns are interested. 

#2 Jeff Green

Trade Scale 8

Reports came out that the Atlanta Hawks are interested in the Celtics swingman. DeMarre Carroll's name was thrown around as the player the Celtics would get in return. Frankly, we had never heard of Carroll, we're guessing you haven't either. 

Here are his stats.

Here's a highlight:

Carroll has played on five teams in four seasons. He's cheap, at $2.4 million next year, the last of his contract. HIs cheapness means the Celtics and Hawks would have to agree on some other contract coming from Atlanta. CelticsBlog suggested Elton Brand's expiring contract ($4 milllion). That's the only one that would really work, unless we started adding more players with smaller salaries. DeShawn Stevenson and Gustavo Ayon combined have expiring contracts worth a total of $3.75 million.

It seems like Green will be dealt before the deadline. Don't sleep on a Houston Rockets deal too. They have begun to play well the past two weeks and could talk themselves into Jeff Green as a good addition for a playoff run. 

#3 Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace

Trade Scale 6

These two guys would probably be thrown into a deal to make the money work. Humphries is more valuable because his contract expires at the end of the season. Gerald Wallace has two more seasons following this one in his current contract. He will get paid $10 million each year of the deal. He's a bit of an albatross, unless you can throw him in with Rondo and bring in a more expensive star.

#4 Rajon Rondo

Trade Scale 3

Yes, Ainge will receive a ton of calls for Rondo. Yes, the New York Knicks are making silly statements that Rondo can be bought with the right deal.

His minute restriction was lifted, which isn't surprising this close to the deadline if Ainge is thinking about moving him. However, he is still not playing in back-to-back games and he sat out a game last Friday due to soreness. So he is not quite back to full strength, so who trades for him?

Can his body hold up for a playoff push and the tough playoff schedule? It doesn't seem likely. Throw in the fact that Rondo is interested in free agency and it seems like Rondo will be around when the deadline passes next week. 

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