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Could Rajon Rondo’s Interest in Free Agency Hurt His Trade Value

February 5th, 2014 at 4:08 PM
By Sean Melia

Rajon Rondo spoke last week about his interest in the free agency dance. While he said he "hadn't thought about it at all" he had a lot to say. That makes sense, usually people have a lot to say about things they haven't thought about at all.

Clearly, Rondo has thought about it. He said, It's kind of like, I would say, college recruiting… A lot more money is spent." He went on to say, "I've heard stories, guys getting called at midnight,"

Ok, so Rondo has thought about it, at least a little bit. People don't offer thoughts like that without having spent some time thinking about being a free agent

With the trade rumor mill spinning rather silently (just how Danny Ainge likes it, quiet), we have to wonder if Rondo's statement's about free agency could hurt his trade value as time continues to progress farther into this season and the summer.

Teams might be less willing to jump at a Rondo trade if they know he really is interested in testing the free agency waters. Why give up a player or draft pick for a player you really want when you know you can have him in 2015? Sure, Rondo is cheap right now. He's getting $11.9 million this year and $12.9 million next year. That's a nice salary to take on if you are a team in need of a point guard to make a push deep into the playoffs.

Rondo is going to demand some serious cash in the free agent market. He will get paid around $20 million a year. Is he worth that? Is he really the type of max deal player that can win a championship? Or is he the type of max player that creates buzz, wins some playoff games, and makes a team relevant? That's still an unanswerable question. Rondo turns 28 this month, meaning he will be 29 entering free agency and could potentially be coming from a Boston Celtics team that has done nothing with him as "captain." 

Considering Rondo's injury, his lack of a resume without Hall of Fame players around him, his age, and his desire to give free agency a whirl it could be tough for Danny Ainge to get a really great deal for the point guard

If Rondo does get traded we will see how valuable Ainge thought he was and how desperate he was to get him out of Boston.


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