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Is Rajon Rondo Still Trade Bait After His Slow Start and More Boston Celtics Questions

January 30th, 2014 at 7:55 AM
By Sean Melia

If you missed Part 1 of our "Before or After the All-Star break" post, please check it out below.

Here is Part 2:

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Scenario #4: The Boston Celtics will trade Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo's trade stock has not gone up since his return. He is still feeling his way around, he seems nervous to get to the hoop and the huge knee brace my take some getting used to.

Considering Rondo does not truly seem like he would add much to a team this season, any team looking to add a 28 year old point guard would need to be looking farther down the line. That means a trade would most likely happen after this season when Rondo has an opportunity to strut his stuff.

Celtics101 Verdict: Rajon Rondo will not be traded before the All-Star Break.

Scenario #5: Jared Sullinger will make three 3-pointers.

Sullinger has not made a three pointer in his last five games. He's made seven attempts during that stretch. In 17 games in January he had zero three pointers in 11 of those games. In only two of those 11 games without a three pointer did he not attempt one. 

So, can Sullinger make a total of three 3-pointers in his next six games? The recent shooting issues and hand injury point to "no" but could he get hot and make a couple in one game, sure. 

Celtics101 Verdict: Jared Sullinger will not make a total of three 3-point shots in the next six games.

Scenario #6: Brad Stevens will earn a technical foul.

This has got to be no fun right now for Brad Stevens. Losing like this is not something that was part of his resume before leaving Butler. He won way more than he lost and his teams improved over time. Right now, we could point to the early part of the season as the best stretch of basketball this team played. 

It's more of a mess right now.

Stevens is Mr. Calm, however, he is becoming a little more outspoken to the media, even going so far as saying, "Whatever we are, record-wise, we're just not a very good basketball team right now." The sad part is, he is right. 

The Celtics broke the franchise record for losses in a month with 15 in January. 

So, will Brad Stevens reach a point where he channels his inner Tommy Heinsohn and flips out on a ref and gets a technical? Will it happen before the All-Star break?

Celtics101 Verdict: Brad Stevens will remain squeaky clean and avoid any technical fouls. 







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