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Will Jeff Green Get Traded Before or After the All-Star Break and Other Questions About the Boston Celtics

January 29th, 2014 at 6:36 AM
By Sean Melia

The Boston Celtics might be focused on the next game, trying not to look too far into the future. Here at Celtics101, we have decided to do just the opposite. It's time to play our own type of game. Let's call it, "Before or After the All-Star Break."

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We created some scenarios and then ask if we think they will happen before or after the All-Star Break.

Very quickly, the Celtics have seven games between now and the All-Star break. There are 15 days between now (January 29) and the last game before the All-Star break (February 12).

Scenario #1: Jeff Green is traded

Kevin O'Connor at CelticsBlog wrote a good piece about a possible Phoenix Suns trade involving Jeff Green (here's the link). It's speculation, but it's driven by some poking and prodding that Adrian Wojnarowski did over the weekend.

Considering the log jam in the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff race (seeds 6-11 are separated by 5 games), Boston could end up with a desperate team looking to make a push. 

In the West there are 4.5 games between the sixth seed and the eleventh seed. The Suns are a possibility, sitting in seventh place. What about the Dallas Mavericks, would Shawn Marion be a good player to add to Boston's rotation? He has an expiring contract, and Jeff Green could be an interesting piece in Dallas along side Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki. Marion's PER this year is 14.6, below the 15 point benchmark for "good." Green's is 13.5, also below the hard-deck.

The deal would help Dallas in that they are trying to make a run to the playoffs, and Green could bring a little more scoring punch. Marion is not the defender he once was, so that argument doesn't fly either.

Of course, there is the very popular Green to Houston for Omer Asik also. Which is still in play.

Celtics101 Verdict: Jeff Green will be dealt before the trading deadline. Where to? We have no clue, but someone will get desperate. Jeff Green is always the perfect tease for a contender. 

Scenario #2: Celtics win their 18th game

The Celtics have more championship banners hanging from the rafters right now than wins. A 15-32 mark is pretty poor, and they have 7 games left before the All-Star break. Can they win two of of seven games? They have won three of their last 20 games (that is not a typo).

Here is the line-up between now and the All-Star break:

Philadelphia, Orlando, AT Philadelphia, Sacramento, Dallas, AT Milwaukee, San Antonio. There are two back-to-backs in there, three if you count tonight's game. 

Those are some winnable games against some bad opponents that are trying to get to the bottom of the league. 

Celtics101 Verdict: The Boston Celtics will not win their 18th game before the All-Star Break.

Scenario #3: Rajon Rondo will score his 100th point.

Right now, in six games, Rajon Rondo has scored 40 points. A 6.7 per game clip. His totals are increasing. 

This all might depend on Rondo's continues to get 30 minutes per game. The other issue? We have to assume that Rondo will not play in all seven remaining games. He sat out a game last week because it was a back-to-back. The Celtics play the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, and have two other back-to-back nights. So if they remain vigilant and try to keep him healthy, it looks like Rondo will play four or five more games.

Even if he does play in all seven games, he'll have to score 60 points. Just shy of 10 points a game. 

Celtics101 Verdict: Rajon Rondo will have to wait until after the All-Star break to crack the century club in points.

Check back tomorrow for another installment of "Before or After the All-Star break."


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