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Return of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Brings Back Memories and Offer an Important Lesson for Fans

January 27th, 2014 at 11:39 AM
By Sean Melia

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett returned to Boston with the Brooklyn Nets first time since being traded this summer. The tributes were poignant, and there were many a teary eye in the TDGarden during the wonderful videos. The only thing missing would have been a quick little Geno clip following KG's video. He's been in hibernation all year, it would have been a nice coming out party for the dancing disco man.

'Paul Pierce' photo (c) 2008, Keith Allison - license:

Needless to say, people were upset at the departure of two key figures of the Boston Celtics. It was hard to say goodbye, and was fantastic to get a chance to say hello again last night. A welcome home. 

However, the question does need to be asked. Was it all the horrible seeing Pierce and Garnett in different jerseys? Are we too deep into the season to miss them anymore? Did the NBA mess up the timing of their return? Maybe. Honestly though, it was great to have them back for the night. 

The most important thing about last night's game isn't where Pierce and Garnett are now, it was about where they have been. They had been in green, for 21 years combined. Pierce had only worn green, it's all we knew of the shooting guard.

Last night, while a fabulous homecoming was also a reminder that when athletes leave, especially under circumstances like Pierce and KG left, it shouldn't really matter as much as it does. 

On Friday night Rajon Rondo said it's just a business. It's a business mixed in with a sense of pride and belonging. Last night was about more than just a business. It was a lesson in transition, change, and moving on. 

The Boston Celtics did a perfect job of that last night. It was the perfect balance of "welcome back" and "thanks for the memories." Hopefully, last night will remind many fans that it's not always about players leaving, it's about the return and it's about their time in Boston, or in any other city. 

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