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Boston Celtics Really Struggling, with No Light at the End of the Tunnel

January 8th, 2014 at 4:18 AM
By Sean Melia

This is only going to get worse before it gets better. The Boston Celtics seem like they are in a full fledged tail-spin. Back-to-back blow out losses. One win since Christmas. Six of their next nine games on the road (a mini road trip against the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Washington Wizards at the end of the month). 

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There were moments in Denver last night that seemed like this team is boiling underneath and ready to explode, in a bad way. Jared Sullinger picked up a few hard fouls, while still playing with a bad hand. 

This all begs the question, does Danny Ainge now have to make a move to change the tenor of this team? Is a Brandon Bass deal a possibility? CelticsBlog offered some thoughts on the matter. Read it here.

CelticsBlog suggests that the Omer Asik trade is not dead yet; however, it might be dead when we consider that Asik seems to have a pretty crummy attitude when things are not going his way. This Celtics team does not make as much sense as it did in the middle of December when it was leading the Atlantic Division. Now this team is slowly drowning ir stuck in quick sand. Pick your metaphor for struggling, it would be appropriate. 

So with a really tough 13 games still laying ahead of the Celtics, it is very possible that a 16-32 record is awaiting them when we turn the calendar from January to February. 

By then, it might be time to start kicking the tires on some of those college kids and trying to figure out which one we might want in green next season.

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