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Rajon Rondo Speaks About a Possible Stint with the Maine Red Claws

January 3rd, 2014 at 10:45 AM
By Sean Melia

Rajon Rondo spoke on Thursday in Chicago about the possibility of playing a few games with the Maine Red Claws. An idea that came up earlier this week.

Chris Forsberg wrote about it on ESPN. Rondo Would Embrace Camping with the Claws

You can see the whole video interview HERE.

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Rondo had one loose moment in the interview which was great, Abby Chin said that Danny Ainge gave Rajon Rondo credit for the idea of playing in Maine. Rondo said, "he gave me credit for that? Appreciate that, Danny."

It was a glimpse into the Rondo that we've seen sporadically. The clever, quick-witted guard whose brain clearly works quickly both on and off the floor.

Rondo went on to say how he does not want his first love action to be in the NBA:

I'd probably be the first guy to do that, but it doesn't make a difference. I want to make sure I'm healthy and I handle it the right way. I don't want my first (game action) to be with the Celtics. I haven't had a preseason. I haven't had a training camp. Right now, this is pretty much my training camp.

So, if you live near Portland, Rondo might be coming to town. He said he was playing on heading west during the team's road trip. But in the next few weeks he could be in Maine playing with the Red Claws.


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