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Boston Celtics Could Be Interested in Andrew Bynum

December 28th, 2013 at 7:08 PM
By Sean Melia

Sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery. Andrew Bynum has spiraled from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Cleveland. It's been a rough patch for the talented big man. On Saturday he was suspended indefinitely by the Cleveland Cavaliers. No one really knows what his indiscretions were, but it does seem very likely that Bynum won't put on a Cavs jersey ever again. 

It seems like the big man is in for a new address, and a change of scenery, rather soon. 

The two possibilities as of right now are: he could be traded to a team looking for some depth at the center position or he could also be released by the Cavs before January 7th, his contract was not guaranteed, so they could escape paying him the full price of his contract.

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According to Royce Young at CBSSports the Boston Celtics could potentially be a player for Bynum along with the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers. Of those teams the Celtics are the one that doesn't belong. The other two are playoff team locks with strong veteran leadership that could keep Bynum in line.

Would Bynum work in Boston? Is this just a rumor because the Celtics are in need of another big man? 

This is what Young had to say in his article: Heat, Clippers, and Celtics in play for Andrew Bynum?

They (Celtics) have assets and expiring contracts they could potentially unload, but the Celtics have a pretty specific plan in place that seems to be working, so adding Bynum could be risky, especially since he'd be heading to another rebuilding situation.

It's interesting that Young thinks the he knows that the Celtics have a 'specific plan" in place. It seems like everyone else is guessing at what the Celtics are actually trying to do. Are they trying to trade for Omer Asik? Is Rondo on the market? 

Now, we add Bynum to the mix. He is obviously talented, but at this point a player with bad knees and a worse attitude does not seem like a good fit in the Celtics locker room. He could not be harnessed by people like Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. He could not behave on a winning team. It seems silly to think that Jared Sullinger and Brad Stevens could wrangle Bynum. 

It's hard to imagine he'd be better for the Celtics than he was with the Cavs so far this year. He's had a negative impact. The Cavs took a chance and lost, hopefully the Celtics don't say the same thing in a few months.

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