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After 25 Games, What Does the Boston Celtics Record Really Feel Like

December 20th, 2013 at 3:50 PM
By Sean Melia

It's winter in Boston, and one big thing we deal with during the winter months is the "real feel" temperature. Sure, your themometer has a number on it. Maybe it says 36. Or 12. Either way, you know it's cold. However, the "real feel" is what the temperature feels like to your body. A 36 degree day could feel a lot colder if the wind is whipping or the air is dry. 

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The Boston Celtics record right now is 12-15, but does it really feel like they are 12-15? We would say no. People are excited about this team. They are fun to watch, they compete. The strange part is their record is three games below .500. If this were the New England Patriots or the Boston Red Sox people would be freaking out, sports talk radio callers would be yelling and screaming that something needs to be done. In contrast, this Celtics team has ignited some more interest than a 12-15 team should.

So, what's the "real feel" record of this team? What does a 12-15 record feel like to the fans who have watched a young feisty team improve and battle in all 27 games (except for that Houston Rockets debacle last month…).

Right now, it seems like this team is five games over .500. Maybe a record of 16-11? Brad Stevens is less than impressed with his team's record saying, "we're not lighting the world on fire." He is the wind chill factor in all of this. He is cooling the excitement that others are allowed to feel. He is making sure his players continue to realize that they are only 12-15 and that while they sit atop the Atlantic Division, they are only two games ahead of the Brooklyn Nets whose real feel record might be 2-23 (real record 9-16). 

The fans feel pretty good about this team, but a lot of the feel good nature stems from the awfulness of the division they are in. The Brooklyn Nets are slowly redirecting their ship, they are 5-5 in their last ten games, but they are due for a run of eight wins out of ten, which will close the gap between the Nets and Celtics. The next fifteen games will be very telling for both the Celtics and the Nets. It will bring both teams to about 40 games, putting them at the half way mark. 

Right now the "real feel" is feeling pretty good. A light jacket is all the fans need to deal with the temperature surrounding the Boston Celtics right now. However, in about a month it might get a lot colder as a playoff spot could potentially slip away along with a top lottery pick.

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