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Boston Celtics’ Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, and Jordan Crawford Among Best Pull up Shooters in League

December 15th, 2013 at 2:52 PM
By Sean Melia

Last weekend we looked at some Boston Celtics shooting stats and surmised that they are pretty good in their mid-range accuracy, one of the best in the league in fact. Today, we decided to look at some individual stats that might not be highlighted on the TV broadcast.

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After combing we came to discover that the Boston Celtics have a few players that are exceptional pull-up shooters. What is a pull-up shot you ask? defines it as a "Any shot from outside 10 feet where the player takes one or more dribbles." 

The problem with some of these stats is the small sample size, so we decided to filter out the guys who do not depend too much on this shot. 

When looking strictly at the shooting percentage of pull-up jumpers, Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs is the best so far this year. Second place? Courtney Lee. Admittedly, he has only scored 51 points on these types of shots, so he is near the bottom of our small sample size. However, he is making 49% of those shots. Working our way down the rankings Jordan Crawford is seventh, but he is the second best shooter if you filter out any player with less than 100 points on pull-up shots. Dirk Nowitzki is the only player with a better shooting percentage with 100+ points so far this season. That's elite company.

Jeff Green is just behind Kevin Durant, shooting 40% on pull-up shots. Among the 100+ point scorers Green ranks seventh.

Some folks might say that FG% does not quite tell the whole story and that eFG% is better because it values the three pointer more heavily than the two-point basket ( definition: Made three pointers are 1.5 more valuable than a two point shot).

Jordan Crawford owns the best eFG% among NBA players scoring more than 100 points. When players with 50+ are included he is still third. He is shooting 51.1%. Courtney Lee is shooting 50% and Jeff Green is 47.8%. 

The Celtics have three players of the top 11 pull-up shooters in the NBA, as long as they have scored 50+ points. That's pretty impressive, and it is directly tied to the Celtics prowess as a team in the mid-range game that we looked at last week. 

It seems like this is the Celtics' bread and butter. Brad Stevens has urged all his players to shoot when they are open. So far, these three players have done a good job making their shots off the dribble.


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