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The Boston Celtics Starting Five for the Week of December 2

December 2nd, 2013 at 11:54 AM
By Sean Melia

Another week of Boston Celtic basketball is behind us. Let's take a look back at the week that was and also the upcoming week in the latest edition of The Starting Five.

1. A .500 week

In a season marked by winning and losing streaks, the Celtics steadied the ship a little bit and played .500 basketball. Two losses and two wins puts their season mark at 7-12.

2. Three games in seven days? Thank you schedulers!

After a crazy November the Celtics have some time in their schedule to catch their breath and fix some weaknesses. The team only has 12 games between now and the New Year, including a six day break near Christmas. 

The Milwaukee Bucks come to the Garden on Tuesday, then the Denver Nuggets are their guests on Friday night in the Celtics first nationally televised game (too bad Rajon Rondo will not be heatlthy.).

3. 25% Awards

After completing just about one-fourth of their season lets give out some awards:


Jared Sullinger is the Boston Celtics best two way player. He has been exceptional on both ends of the floor. Chris Forsberg highlighted his +/- dominance in a post this weekend. 

Most Improved Player:

Jordan Crawford has been a pleasant surprise so far. He is running the offense pretty efficiently. His shooting is somewhat erratic, along with his defense. However, he has grown up quite a bit and has slowly become the leader that he wanted to be this summer.

Rookie of the Year:

It's nice that this is actually a competitive category. Kelly Olynyk, Vitor Faverani, and Phil Pressey have all had a role to play on this team. For short term affect Faverani and Olynyk would have to be the front-runners. Faverani has been somewhat inconsistent, having some good stretches and bad stretches (kind of like the entire team). Olynyk has been more consistent, and given his lack of professional experience (Faverani has been playing pro basketball for the past seven years), we'll give the nod to Olynyk. By a hair.

Biggest Disappointment:

Jeff Green has upped his scoring, but that is about it. He is still the inconsistent performer we have grown frustrated with in Boston. Some nights he looks incredible, flying through the air and dunking on anyone in his way. Hitting buzzer beaters over LeBron James. Other times he's going through nearly two games without scoring a single point. 

Sadly, this might be what Jeff Green is. A third banana on a good team. With limited pressure he can win games on his own, but he cannot be expected to be the first or even second banana on a competitive team. 

4. A chance at revenge with Milwaukee and New York

It's been more than six months since the Knicks kicked the Celtics out of the playoffs. Now the Knicks have 3 wins and are floundering at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. It's glorious for Knicks haters (as long as they don't pull a San Antonio Spurs and land the top pick and get Carmelo Anthony to come back). 

The Milwaukee Bucks also only have 3 wins, two of those wins have come at the expense of the Celtics. On Tuesday the Celtics will hope to figure out why they should no longer "Fear the Dear."

5. Player to watch:

Carmelo Anthony is the player to watch. This season has been a whirlwind for the future free agent. He is still scoring and getting his points. He shoots the ball more than 22 times a game, and his team is 3-13. Something has got to give. Jeff Green and Brandon Bass will probably share time on the scoring sensation. Sometimes, it's fun to watch a team self destruct. Carmelo should be the one to watch. 



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