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Kris Humphries Has Lost Out on the Available Minutes in the Rotation

November 6th, 2013 at 8:03 AM
By Sean Melia

Brad Stevens discussed the benching of Kris Humphries following Monday night's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, "With Vitor's emergence, the minutes are less elsewhere." Humphries has suffered the brunt of that statement. It's arguable that Humphries only played in the first game of the season because Jared Sullinger was suspended.

While injuries and slumps will happen over the course of the season and Humphries will probably earn time both through his own talent and the misfortune of his teammates, it is striking that Stevens is not trying to add value to this team by showcasing a player that could be coveted by the trade deadline. 

Yesterday, Celtics 101 also asked about Phil Pressey and his lack of playing time. Stevens seems more interested in getting him involved, "The person I'm probably thinking the most about how we get him more involved right now is Phil." This seems like a natural fit considering Jordan Crawford has seen minutes at the point guard position and no one is able to handle the ball, or the pressure, down the stretch in their first four games.

Tonight, the Celtics take on another winless team, the Utah Jazz. It seems likely it will be another close game, and Brad Stevens might have to begin trying other pieces of this puzzle to see what will work, both immediately and farther down the road. Some fans are ecstatic that this team is losing the way they are. They are competing and losing in the final quarter. However, the culture of losing can come quickly and stay a long time. There's a reason Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce did not want to go through a rebuild, it takes a lot of time and energy. 

The longer this team takes to get it's first win, the tougher this will all become, especially for Brad Stevens if he decides to leave players on the bench that seem like they could help. Or at least offer a different option.

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