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Rajon Rondo Discusses the Timeline for His Return to Basketball at Media Day

September 30th, 2013 at 7:11 PM
By Sean Melia

Rajon Rondo entered Monday's media day after a long hiatus from the game and from the media as a whole. His press conference gave some insight into his injury, but he was reluctant to give any sort of return date. When asked about a return date, Rondo bluntly said "the 2013-14 season." Then, after a follow up question he said that "the winter, maybe the fall" was the most likely time he'd be back. Super helpful. He only likes giving out assists on the court.

Thanks to Chris Forsberg of ESPN for the video below. Find his Celtics' media day thoughts here.

It was nice to see Rondo back in his white jersey, fielding questions, discussing his new BFF Brad Stevens, and what he's been up to trying to get himself healthy. Rondo said his mental health would be a big factor in his decision making process. He discussed Derrick Rose's choice to wait until he was 100% both mentally and physically before returning this month from his ACL tear. "The last jump, for myself and him (Rose). We've come down and torn our ACL. Just being mentally ready . When I get there, I'll play."

If any Celtics fans also watch the Patriots, they see Brady flinch in the pocket every once in a while when the pass rush gets too close. Sometimes the pass rush isn't close at all. Rondo will have to deal with the fear of landing on the leg and hoping his knee holds up. He needs to reach the point where injury is erased from his mind and he can just focus on playing the game without fear or hesitation. Fear and hesitation usually cause more injuries.

It seems the Celtics' company line is that Rondo will be playing when Rondo is ready to play. His return will also be predicated on how successful the team is in his absence. 

In other Rondo news, Marc Stein of ESPN came out and said that the Celtics need to trade Rondo. Stein believes "everyone in basketball know it." It's not clear why Stein believes this, mainly due to the fact that the statement came in a blurb for ESPN's Power Rankings  Stein was clearly not trying to mince his words. But a short blurb like that only confuses the public more. Hopefully, Stein will explain his thoughts about Rondo being traded so it is more clear. 

The Celtics will hopefully wait to see what they have without Rondo, and also see how his presence changes the dynamic of the team. It seems rash right now to ship him out of town, especially when he is injured and seems eager to lead this team. However, Ainge always seems open to offers, and the calls will probably be rolling in. 

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