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Boston Celtics Training Camp Countdown – 12 Questions: Who Will Be Traded First?

September 21st, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Sean Melia

Danny Ainge is willing to trade anyone and everyone. He's proved it numerous times just ask Kendrick Perkins, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, and Fab Melo. No one is safe, even Fab Melo.

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It seems likely that Ainge will continue to mold this roster over the course of the season, trying to find a good mix of talent, salary, and youth that will allow the Boston Celtics to grow in the next few years.

That leads to the third question leading up to training camp on October 1. 

Question 3: Who will be traded first?

There are quite a few scenarios that go along with the question, mainly because if the Celtics are doing well Ainge could take some of the players driving that success and sell them off at a high price. If the team is doing poorly, he might have to trade a more talented player in order to get something of value back. 

The best trading chip the Celtics have that would both help in the long term, and possibly the short term, is Kris Humphries. Humphries could very easily have a good season (he's done it on bad teams before), pick up 10+ points and rebounds, and become a worthwhile rental for a playoff contender in need of an elite rebounder whose contract expires at the end of the season. 

This might not bring in a great return for the Celtics, as Humphries' future would be in doubt for the team acquiring him. However, his expiring contract, when considering the depth of the free agency crop coming next year, is very enticing. 

Gerald Wallace, our choice for most surprising Celtic, is too expensive to trade away, unless Ainge can find another dumb team to take on his 3-year $30 million contract. Not likely, the Bobcats have already had him. 

Humphries said that he sees his role as the guy who "offensive rebounds, runs the floor, and plays tough D" in an interview with Mark D'Amico

In Celtics 101's opinion Kris Humphries will be the first man heading to another team. He might be bringing some Celtics teammates with him, but it doesn't seem like he has a future beyond this season, and AInge will want to get something for his valuable expiring contract.

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