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Boston Celtics Training Camp Countdown – 12 Questions: What Should Kelly Olynyk’s Nickname Be?

September 20th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Sean Melia

We are now only 11 days away from Boston Celtics training camp. Yesterday we discussed who would be the biggest surprise, and Gerald Wallace came out on top. Today, we will look at something a little more light hearted: nicknames.

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Question 2: What would be an appropriate nickname for Kelly Olynyk?

A couple weeks back Olynyk asked on Twitter what his super-hero name might be. It seems like going from no nickname to super-hero seems a little bit optimistic. So let's start with a nickname, and hopefully Olynyk's performance will earn him superhero status in Boston, soon… very soon. It seems like "Sunshine" is starting to stick, considering his likeness to the character in "Remember the Titans", however maybe there's something better out there. Maybe…

Let's throw out some ideas:

1) Vidal

Not the most creative nickname ever, but it speaks to his flowing hair, his most noticeable feature. 

2) Bulldog

This is not speaking to his mentality on the field, but instead to his alma-mater. It's intimidating and flows easily.

3) Ollie

An homage to his last name, it's simple and easy. Probably the front runner.

4) Kelly the Kid

Nicknames with alliteration are usually very popular. Olynyk is not really a kid though, he's 22 years old and the nickname has a time limit on it. It's weird when 30 year olds are called kid, even if it's by an 80 year-old. Acutally, especially if it's by an 80 year-old.

5) Quatro-Uno

Nevermind, this is one horrible.

Those are the Celtics 101 nominations for Kelly Olynyk's nickname. Make your voice heard, vote in the poll below. If you have a nickname you like stick it in the comments. 

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  1.  Jim Shrader says:

    K.O. (kay-oh)

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